Sunday Thoughts (Father’s Day)

It’s so easy to fixate on the bad, wrong or scary in today’s world.

There’s enough of that to go around.

So I’ve been really trying to focus on the good and kind. And if someone sets themselves apart as a genuine, kind person, I try to focus on why.

It’s something that I tried to impress upon my kids. And because today’s Father’s Day, I’ll be hearing from them I’m sure. You can be sure our conversations will come back to this.

Because I want to see if what I’ve taught them is sinking in.

What is it about some people that shows they’re genuinely caring? And if you knew what it was, could you mirror that in your own life?

After all, I’m sure most people would like to be thought of as kind. (I know I would.)

So recently, I’ve started paying close attention. And there are two things that stood out to me about the kind people in my life.

The first is they are kings (or queens) of the follow-up. Masters at it.

We’re all busy and distracted. With obligations and responsibilities and stresses. But there are a few people in my life who, without fail, reach out to touch base.

It doesn’t always mean we get together (certainly not lately). Or that we have much new to talk about. But these kind people take time to stay connected, because it’s important to them.

I’m not so naïve as to think I’m the only one who gets these follow-up texts or phone calls. Which makes it all the more impressive. It’s obvious, these folks care.

A book recommendation. A simple “How are you holding up?”

“I miss seeing you.” “I saw this and thought of you.”

These are simple things, but they light people up. Little, consistent acts of kindness strengthen relationships.

Following up with people is a choice. Do you choose to do it?

The second kind trait is being quick to forgive. People will do things you don’t like. But if you look at people as a whole, instead of that one tiny imperfect part of them, you’re doing them a great kindness.

Just as you’d want them to do for you.

The faster you choose to move on when things go wrong, the more of an impact you’ll make in the world. For the positive.

Forgiving people is also a choice. And it’s a kindness you do for both them, and for yourself.

If you pay attention to the actions of kind and generous people, you may find it does wonders. And by mirroring them, you’ll realize it has a way of making you stronger as well.

Do something kind today. You won’t regret it.

And to all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day.

If you’re fortunate enough to still have a father to call, make your simple act of kindness picking up the phone. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it!

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