Sunday Thoughts (loving your stuff)

It’s fair to say you’ve probably spent more time at home lately than you thought you would.

We all have.

But there’s one thing that has been a real awakening for me, and it’s been really helpful to rethink this time at home.

I don’t want to think of it as being forced to stay inside. But as a possibility.

And a chance to reconnect not just with Karen, but also with all the “stuff” around me.

There’s so much emphasis put on decluttering, paring down and getting rid of things these days.

Sure, that’s all well & good. If something doesn’t mean anything to you any more, get rid of it. Someone else could probably use it.

But I’ve taken a fair bit of these moments over the last few weeks to just rediscover the things that bring me happiness.

Like wearing clothes from the back of the closet that I’d all but forgotten about. That t-shirt from the race I ran in 1997 (yes, I still had it) and yes, I wore it.

The kitchen gadgets I rarely use? Time to test them out on new recipes.

And speaking of recipes, I’ve cracked into more than a few of the cookbooks that always looked good but I’ve never got around to actually opening.

Cookbooks aren’t the only books I’ve dusted off either.

That stack on my nightstand is finally getting smaller. I tend to collect books with good intentions, faster than I have minutes to read them.

But now I’m making a healthy dent.

Now I don’t want to make light of the situation. But being forced to stay home also means trying to make the best of it.

And when your whole world becomes your home most of the week, it means embracing those things you’re surrounded by.

When’s the last time you flipped through the old photo albums? Karen & I spent an evening after dinner just reliving our wedding through pictures and it was great fun.

The things around you were chosen by you, hopefully because they mean something to you, or they did at one point.

It’s time to embrace the things you’ve overlooked, and find a little joy in them.

We could all use some more joy.

Stay safe and healthy out there.

And if there’s something you’ve recently rediscovered that brought you some good memories, let me know – I’d love to hear about it.

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