Sunday Thoughts (pause)

The events of the last few months have us focusing a lot on loss.

Loss of freedom. Job loss. Lost contact with others.

Lost lives.

So it’s natural to want to slide into a funk, curl up in a ball, or spend a day in bed.

And you know what? That’s ok.

We’re all entitled under the circumstances.

And while I’ve been trying to stay busy, I have to remind myself that it’s ok to just pause and do nothing regularly too.

I’ve worked hard to stay distracted. I’ve been working on new supplements, answering more emails and questions than usual, and making a dent in the stack of books I tend to collect and leave to gather dust because I’m usually “too busy.”

But with all we’ve lost, I try to remember what we’ve gained too.

An important reminder that much of what we think we’re in control of is well beyond our control. A sense of humility.

And a renewed appreciation for those who work so hard and are so often overlooked.

What would we do without the postal workers, delivery people, grocery clerks or sanitation workers who have weathered this storm?

Plus, I think we’ve all received a wake-up call about the importance of preparedness, and being ready for our world to be shaken. With the things we take for granted – like fresh food – being scarce, or not available at all.

You learn a lot about people when things aren’t comfortable, or normal. And you learn a lot about yourself.

So if you’re not in the mood to tackle your “to do” list, give yourself a break. Hopefully before too long, our lives will be busy again.

And we’ll be grateful for having too much to do, I’ll bet.

Stay safe out there.

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