Is Quarantine Life Affecting Your Sleep?

A number of my friends have told me that they’ve been having trouble sleeping since the pandemic broke out.

It’s not surprising.

This entire situation has created the perfect storm for sleep disturbances.

For one, we’re stressed out.

And stress is one of the major contributors to poor sleep.

Also, we’re spending more time inside, and less time out in the sun.

That’s a problem because sunlight regulates our circadian rhythm, our “internal clock” that helps set our sleep/wake schedule.

Plus, we’re not moving our bodies as much as we did pre-pandemic which influences our sleep drive.

Consistent, regular exercise is directly related to longer, deeper sleep.

Lastly, some of us have converted our bedrooms into our home offices.

Suddenly, our sleep sanctuary is now a place to work.

To help get my friends back on the right track, I’ve shared with them my 4-part recipe for better sleep during the pandemic.

It starts by giving the office the boot out of the bedroom.

Find another place to do your work so you don’t have that distraction (and added stress) when you’re trying to get some shut eye.

If you don’t have a designated office space in your home, you can use the dining room table, living room sofa, pretty much anyplace but the bedroom.

Next, you add in some sunshine.

Go for a few walks around the neighborhood each day. Grab a book and read outside. Spend some time in your garden.

Really anything you can do to increase your time in the sun will work (as long as it’s not heading out to a crowded beach.)

Third, get moving.

Find more ways to be physically active each day.

Walking, biking, gardening are all good options.

Plus, if you do them outdoors, you’ll be getting in your daily sunlight exposure, too.

And finally, you top it off with some stress-busting techniques.

Watch less TV, especially the news.

Take a moment out of your day to meditate, pray or just be still.

And, of course, spend some quality time with your pet, if you have one.

There’s no question these are challenging times.

But you can’t let your sleep suffer.

Quality, restorative sleep is essential to maintaining good health, and critical for a healthy immune system.

So, get outside, move more, ease stress, and kick work out of your bedroom to regain control of your sleep.

Stay safe out there.

And if you’d like to see another method to falling asleep faster and longer to enjoy a better quality sleep, go here.

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