Getting Creative During Quarantine

Since the pandemic began, I’ve talked about the importance of physical activity and getting enough sleep during the quarantine.

And, hopefully you all are getting quality shut eye each night and moving your bodies several times a day.

But, beyond sleep and exercise, how are you dedicating your time without being bored out of your minds?

Here at the Reagan house, puzzles have become a fun activity Karen and I have been doing together.

Our dining room has become puzzle central and we’ve been trying to do at least one 1,000+ piece puzzle each week.

We’ve also been reading… a lot.

I’m bummed that our local library has been closed, but fortunately, we can still “borrow” online books to read on our tablets.

Karen has even kept up with her book club, getting together virtually every couple of weeks via the video conferencing site, Zoom.

I know how much it means to her to be able to see her friends and chat for a while.

To get some fresh air, we’ve also been dedicating more time in our garden, pulling up weeds, and planting spring blooms.

I love working with my hands and digging in the dirt.

Gardening reminds me of happier times, of living on the farm and growing our own food.

Without the option of jumping in the car and heading to a restaurant to eat, we’ve been cooking a lot more.

Throughout the year, I collect recipes I come across in magazines or newspapers.

Now that we have the extra time, I’ve actually started to cook some of these new dishes.

When we’re really feeling fancy, we’ll even dress up for dinner.

It’s been fun to put on a nice outfit to make an occasion out of the meal.

With some light music and candles, it’s almost like we’re having a night out.

You already know that keeping your mind engaged is just as important as moving your body.

What have you been doing around the house to stay sane?

Go ahead and share your favorite at-home activities in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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