What If The Lights Went Out?

In the first couple of days of our “stay in,” panic rang through the Reagan house.

It was about 7am and we were just getting up when… the power went out.

Now, down here in Florida, we’re no stranger to power outages.

But this is pandemic time.

We’re already on edge.

Plus, our fridge was packed.

What if all that food went to waste?

Karen texted to a few neighbors to see if they had lost power, too. They had.

The whole neighborhood was dark.

Thankfully, it came back on about 30 minutes later.

Seems the local power company had been doing routine work and had cut power by accident.

Crisis averted.

But it just got me thinking, we’re dealing with a lot right now.

The last thing we need is a power outage.

But that’s really not something we can control.

Mother Nature or electric company “accidents” don’t pause during a pandemic.

And during a time like this, outages could be particularly long-lasting if many of the electric workers are out sick.

Which is why even in a pandemic, you have to be prepared.

That means having several days of non-perishable food on hand. (A couple weeks is even better.)

And, plenty of water for everyone in the house… including pets.

If you have medicine that needs to be refrigerated, make sure you have a small chest or cooler that you can fill with ice or freezer packs to keep your meds cold.

And speaking of medicine, is your supply low?

A power outage during a pandemic could make medications unavailable for some time.

Most pharmacies are allowing folks to pick up a 90-day supply of maintenance meds right now. Make the best of that and load up.

You already know that communication is important to survival during an outage.

Power up your phones and tablets while the power is on… because you never know when it could go off.

If you’re dealing with an outage at night, don’t use candles for light. That’s a major fire hazard.

Flashlights are a much safer choice. And, don’t forget to have extra batteries on hand to keep them working.

If you rely on medical devices that require power to operate, what’s your backup plan in an outage?

Consider a generator to keep critical medical devices running. My top recommendation is the Patriot Power Generator.

This portable, solar-powered generator is made to provide electricity for most important devices.

You can use it to power your lights for safety and comfort… computer, phones, radio and TV for vital information and communication… even small appliances like a freezer and critical medical devices.

All without gas, fumes, or noise.

As an added bonus… you could use it to keep your packed fridge cool.

Look, dealing with this pandemic is hard.

A power outage on top of it, could push some people to the brink.

But it’s something we should all anticipate so we’re not caught off guard.

Being prepared is simply the best way, really the only way, to weather the storm.

Stay safe out there.

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