Tips To Safely Order Food Delivery During Pandemic

Since I mentioned that Karen and I have been getting delivery and takeout a couple times a week to support our favorite local restaurants, a few readers have written in to ask… Jeff, is that really safe?

I don’t think anyone could say with 100% certainty that anything is “safe” right now.

But I can assure you that delivery and takeout are a whole lot safer than going out to eat, if that’s even an option in your area.

There’s really no good reason people should be sitting in a crowded restaurant right now.

Now, if you do get delivery or takeout, health experts have shared some steps you can take to make it safer. Here are a few…

First, when ordering delivery, opt to have your food delivered directly from the restaurant rather than a third-party app, if available.

This could mean one less person handling your food, thus limiting your exposure and risk.

One additional advantage to this option… third-party apps take a commission from restaurants. So, opting for delivery directly from an establishment helps them keep more in their pockets.

When getting delivery, ask for your food to be delivered contactless.

This simply means that the food it left at your door, without interaction with the delivery person.

To do this, you need to pay up front, either on the phone or on the app/site of the restaurant.

And, don’t forget to include a tip at the time you’re ordering/paying.

You really defeat the purpose of contactless delivery, if you hand your delivery person cash for a tip.

Now, if you’re getting food from a restaurant that only gives carryout, ask for curbside pickup, if it’s available. Or, pickup inside during non-peak times to avoid a rush of people.

Now, before digging in, wipe down the outside of containers with disinfectant wipes, and transfer the food to your regular dishes.

Don’t eat out of the to-go containers.

Get those out of the house, as soon as possible.

We’re not exactly sure how long the virus can remain on surfaces, and there’s no promise the restaurant workers were wearing gloves when packing up your food. So the quicker those plastic and Styrofoam containers are out the door, the better.

Of course, before you sit down to eat, wash your hands. And, wash them again after you’re done.

Pandemic or not, that’s just Hygiene 101 that everyone should follow.

Stay safe out there.

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