Watch Out For The Quarantine 15

Most people have heard of the “freshman 15” – the term used to describe the pounds college students gain during their first year of study.

Now that we’re all home, not getting out as much, and eating whatever we can find at the grocery store shelves, I’ve started hearing people talk about the “corona 15” instead.

Look, there’s no doubt this is a difficult time.

Our regular routines have gone by the wayside.

Many gyms are closed. Some areas have even closed parks and trails to groups.

But just because we’re stuck inside waiting for the virus to pass on by, doesn’t mean we have to start packing on the pounds.

There are ways to stay healthy and active indoors… even during a pandemic.

Here are a few ideas…

First thing to do is create a daily schedule for your new normal.

If you’re working from home, this schedule should include blocks of time for you to get work done, along with set times for you to get your body moving.

Try to carve out at least three 30-minute sessions on your schedule for activity each day.

It could be a walk around the block, bike ride, or at-home workout.

Just something to get you up off the sofa or chair and moving.

Your body will thank you… and your mind will enjoy the break, too.

Not sure what to do at home? There are loads of options available.

The Peloton app is offering free access to their workouts for 90 days.

LES MILLS currently has over 100 at-home workouts posted online that you can do for no fee.

Many other fitness groups have posted free at-home workout videos that you can stream.

Whether you’re looking for yoga, aerobics, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), or strength training, you’re sure to find a class that suits your needs online.

To avoid the “corona 15,” you need to watch what you’re eating, too.

This can be difficult with store shelves bare.

Our favorite healthy, go-to foods might not be available.

This is a time we need to get creative in the food department.

If your store is out of rice, but has beans, try a new bean recipe.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up recipes on my phone in the grocery aisles, searching for healthy options based on what was available at the store.

No fresh berries? Look for frozen or freeze-dried options.

(If you do get freeze-dried, look for the varieties without added sugar.)

Not sure if a certain food is healthy or not? Your phone can help there, too.

The Google app provides a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Simply open the app, press the mic icon, say the food name.

It’ll pop back with all the nutritional information you need to know.

You can even use the app to compare the nutritional content of two foods.

Kale vs. spinach. Yams vs. sweet potatoes. It’s all just a few clicks away.

When you do sit down to eat, try to avoid eating in front of the television, or watching something on your personal devices.

We tend to “zone out” when we’re watching, not being as mindful of the food we’re putting in our mouths.. or listening to our bodies when we’re full.

Now, if you have eaten less healthful foods and you haven’t been as active as before the pandemic, don’t beat yourself up about it.

This is a stressful, anxiety-ridden time.

Forgive yourself.

There’s no time for guilt after eating an extra slice of pie when you’re under quarantine. Just don’t compound the problem by sitting around all day too.

Stay safe out there.

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