Have You Ever Considered a Sleep Divorce?

You already know I love Karen more than anything.

And, there’s really nothing like the feeling of going to bed… and waking up… beside the person you care most about.

At least I feel that way most nights.

Because there have been a few times where she’s been restless and fidgety… or snoring because she’s come down with a cold… and it was darn near impossible to get any good shut eye.

I know Karen’s not the only offender.

There have certainly been nights when my tossing, turning, and snoring has kept her up, too.

At some time or another we’ve both considered a sleeping in separate bedrooms.

But we’ve never been able to actually go through with it.

Some people call sleeping in separate bedrooms a sleep divorce.

When a couple chooses to sleep in separate bedrooms not just for one or two nights when one partner is under the weather… but every night.

The idea seems to be gaining in popularity.

One survey found 46% of Americans in a relationship would rather sleep alone at least some of the time.

And nearly a quarter of those surveyed believed sleeping separately could improve a relationship.

Now, I get why people might want to sleep separately from their loved ones.

Snoring alone can keep a partner up for an hour or more each night.

Plus, folks today have started bringing their devices into the bedroom and the light and noise from the screens can make it hard for the spouse to fall asleep… or stay asleep.

Can we all just agree to keep our phones out of the bedrooms. Or at least respect our partner enough to not to be on it when the other is trying to sleep?

Another driving force for the increase in sleep divorces?

Folks are marrying older these days and more set in their ways.

So, it’s difficult for them to go from sleeping alone to sleeping together.

But isn’t that what marriage is all about?

Making new habits together… compromising… and loving your partner, flaws in all.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

Sure, I might sleep better some nights in a separate bedroom.

But despite the fidgeting… and the occasional snoring… there’s really no place I would rather sleep than beside Karen.

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