What’s in my kitchen?

If you’re committed to getting and staying healthy, you’re going to need to cook. Plain and simple.

Eating out is a fast way to drain your wallet, and sabotage your health goals.

Fortunately, you only need a few essentials to cook up healthy meals.

Here are the kitchen gadgets I wouldn’t go without.

First, you need a decent set of knives.

A good set of knives will make your prep work a breeze, cutting up your veggies, slicing meat, etc.

But poor-quality knives have blades that dull quickly. And that’s how you end up cutting yourself and exhausting an evening in the E.R.

Now, where you cut your food is almost as important as what you’re cutting it with.

I cringe every time I go to a friend’s house and see them chopping straight on the counter or a dinner plate.

Stone surfaces kill knife blades.

So, please get a cutting board or two to protect your knives… and countertops.

If you’re going to be cooking meat… or really anything… you’ll want to have a meat thermometer on hand.

Consuming undercooked meat puts you on the fast track to food poisoning.

According to the CDC, an estimated 48 million people get sick from foodborne illness each year and 1 million of those are from eating contaminated poultry.

Cooking foods thoroughly, and checking them with a meat thermometer… can help you avoid nasty foodborne illnesses like Salmonella or norovirus.

Here’s the target temp based on what meat you’re cooking:

Beef: 145⁰ Fahrenheit (medium well)
Pork: 145⁰ Fahrenheit
Poultry (Chicken & Turkey): 165⁰ Fahrenheit

Now, despite the name, meat thermometers can (and should) be used to take the temperature of more than just meat.

Casseroles and other leftovers that have been sitting in your fridge have accumulated bacteria that could make you sick.

Reheat dishes to 165⁰ to avoid foodborne illnesses.

The last kitchen tool I could go without is my blender. I use it every day to make my morning smoothie.

You want a blender strong enough to handle whatever you’re throwing in there… ice, kale, frozen fruit.

And, one that can mix everything evenly. I absolutely hate it when a smoothie is chunky and not blended properly.

Keep your counters clear with just a few kitchen essentials and you’ll be able to whip up something tasty, and healthy, in a jiffy.

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