Get Back On Track With These Healthy Basics

I consider myself a pretty healthy guy.

That wasn’t always the case.

I started off great.

Growing up, my family grew a lot of their own produce.

A good portion of what made it to the table were things we tended to ourselves… especially the veggies.

In the summer, Mom made fresh salads from the cucumbers, tomatoes and greens that we grew.

Everything we ate was pretty healthy, natural and minimally processed.

But when I finally got out of the house and into the “real world,” I fell into the same trap that most people fall into.

Eating on the run… fast food and processed junk. And stressed to the gills by my job.

Needless to say, my health took a beating.

It wasn’t until I got back to the basics that I started turning things around.

I started with increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables I ate each day.

Each Saturday, I would go over to my local farmer’s market and load up on whatever was in season.

I made sure I was eating some fruits and vegetables with every meal.

And I really cut back on the sugar and fried foods.

I also made sure I was getting enough healthy fats.

The body needs fat to survive.

Fat feeds your brain and aids in digestion and nutrient absorption. It gives you energy and cushions your organs.

All those low-fat/no-fat fad diets are pure nonsense.

You need fat – healthy fat – to survive.

What’s considered healthy fat?

It’s wild caught fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon. And eggs… and nuts… and healthy oils, like olive oil.

Now, even the healthiest diet has some holes.

To cover my bases and make sure I was getting all the essential nutrients my body needed, I began taking a quality multivitamin.

One that went beyond just the “ABCs” and included core nutrients that are hard to get from your diet alone, like vitamin D, choline, and CoQ10.

Once my diet had improved, I focused on being more active.

Since I was working a lot of late nights, I knew if I was going to get any exercise at all, it had to be in the morning… early morning.

I started running and lifting weights.

And after a few weeks, didn’t mind the early wakeup call as much.

In fact, I actually looked forward to my morning workouts. I felt less stressed… and had more energy.

People often ask “what should I eat?” or “how can I stay healthy?” and while there are many individual aspects that may work for someone and not you, there are things that are universal… the basics.

The same basics that helped turned things around for me.

Stock your fridge with healthy foods… grass-fed meats, eggs, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts and healthy oils.

Avoid sugar and processed foods.

And get plenty of physical activity.

Change never happens overnight.

But it won’t happen at all unless you take the first step.

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