Sunday Thoughts (out of my way!)

Life with a dog is something else.

It’s a mix of the good – nothing’s like being greeted by a wagging tail…

The bad – “What the heck, who stole the dish towel and shredded it in the living room?”

And the weird.

Ellie is all of that and more. And the weirdest thing she does, though she doesn’t do it all that often, is what many people call “the zoomies.”

If you have a dog (and cats sometimes do it too) you know what I’m talking about.

Running around in the yard or through the house, this way and that, in circles, or a full sprint back and forth, seemingly on a quest to just wear a track into your grass or carpet.

And after a minute… everything’s back to normal.

I used to just get out of the way and enjoy the show. But I decided to look into this a bit. Is this normal? Why is my dog doing this?

Has anyone studied this?

Of course someone’s studied this. Seems like everything goes under the microscope these days. And it even has a scientific name: FRAPs.

Frenetic Random Activity Periods.

First of all, it’s completely normal. And most FRAPs occur after two types of events: an extended restful period, or a period of being out of sorts.

If your dog is like Ellie who likes lazing the day in the sunbeam, they might want to blow off steam by going into a FRAP. Or maybe you just gave your dog a bath, or took her to the vet.

Now that the coast is clear… 1-2-3… FRAP!

For the most part, this is nothing to be concerned about, unless your dog is knocking over a lamp or something.

But if this is happening every day, or even every week, it might mean he or she needs more exercise, or a toy to occupy their energy.

For cats, it tends to happen after a poo. Like humans, when a cat has a bowel movement, it stimulates the vagus nerve. The outcome is “post poop elation.”

Fortunately, most people don’t run around in circles after using the restroom. But if that’s the weirdest thing your pet does in your house, consider yourself lucky.

Yesterday I found Ellie on top of my bed… with her bed up there too. I don’t know how she managed to get it up there, or what she was doing, but I had to admire the perseverance.

Give your dogs and cats a pat on the head for me today, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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