Sunday Thoughts (Check your receipts)

I often go back to things my father said to me, which didn’t really resonate at the time. But now that I’m older and wiser…

It seems the older I get, the smarter my dad is.

Funny how that works.

One thing he often told me is to be careful not to come to conclusions. We often don’t know the real reason why someone says or does something.

And if we jump to a conclusion, we may end up with a bunch of unnecessary nonsense as a result. Or hurt feelings.

I thought of this the other day when I was leaving Costco.

Weird time to be thinking about your father, but stick with me here.

If you’ve ever been to a Costco or Sam’s Club, it’s quite the place.

Stuff stacked high as can be, and the deals often can’t be beat. Plus, especially at Costco, they tend to stock a lot of organic staples – and they’re good at it.

Costco’s organic revenue is over $4 billion annually – that’s a lot of carrots.

So if it’s something I use a lot, or I’m looking to bargain shop, Costco is the place.

But there’s one thing that really tugs my chain when it comes to Costco. And that’s the little dance you have to do when you leave the place.

You trundle up to the exit with your cart piled high, and before you can leave, they ask you for your receipt.

Like maybe you tucked an organic orange (or 20) underneath that swing set or lawn chair or whatever else you impulse got, and “forgot”.

It felt a little irritating. Like I wasn’t trustworthy.

But I’ve come to find out… I was jumping to conclusions.

The “exit greeters” at Costco aren’t there to accuse you, or make sure you’re not slipping a gallon of organic olive oil in there on the sly.

Nope. They’re actually making sure there were no mistakes on your receipt..

Looking for duplicate ring-ups, or missed specials, or anything that would have actually cost YOU, not them.

They are not loss prevention or shoplifting sleuths. They’re looking for another way to connect with customers, especially since most of the shopping you’re doing while you’re there is pretty much self-serve.

Now that I know this, I see the whole interaction much differently. I actually appreciate it. (And I have noticed they’re really not looking at my cart or what’s in it very much, vs. a quick scan of my receipt.)

Funny how a change in perception makes something so very different.

I have a new appreciation for Costco now. But keep me away from those muffins.

A single Costco chocolate muffin has almost 700 calories, 38 grams of fat, 79 grams of carbs and 48 grams of sugar. YIKES.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and stay away from the muffin aisle.

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