Men: Is your estrogen too low?

Estrogen is typically thought of as a “female” hormone.

So, you might be surprised to learn that estrogen plays a vital role in men’s health as well.

In fact, estrogen supports the functioning of almost every area of a man’s body… the brain, heart, bones, muscles, and the immune system.

Keeping levels of estrogen healthy is critical for vibrant living.

But when levels of the hormone get too high, well, that’s where the trouble starts.

Loss of sexual drive, lower stamina, “man boobs.”

Estrogen levels naturally rise as men get older, so you need to do all you can to keep levels down, but still healthy enough to support your body’s important functions.

It’s a delicate balance.

But one that starts with your diet.

Some foods have been shown to help squash elevated levels of estrogen.

Cruciferous vegetables, in particular, are powerful weapons against soaring estrogen levels in men.

These types of vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and bok choy contain a powerful compound called diindolylmethane (or DIM) that’s been studied and shown to attack excess estrogen in the bloodstream.

Mushrooms like shiitake and Portobello can also help reduce estrogen levels because they naturally reduce levels of aromatase.

Aromatase is a nasty enzyme that turns the testosterone men need for vitality into estrogen.

So, the less aromatase, the less estrogen.

If you’re a fan of dairy and meat, you might want to look at the labels carefully.

Because many farms give female cows high doses of estrogen to increase the amount of milk they produce.

This is why I only recommend you pick meat and dairy options from farms that do not give animals synthetic hormones.

You can’t completely eliminate your exposure to estrogen.

After all, just like humans, all animals produce the hormone.

So, animal-derived things will contain traces of estrogen.

But you can limit your consumption by only using items from farms that don’t use added hormones.

You also want to limit your exposure to xenoestrogens.

These chemical compounds imitate estrogen in the body.

Many plastics contain xenoestrogens, as do some herbicides and insecticides.

Steer clear of those to avoid excess estrogen.

No man wants to lose his vitality.

Fight your body’s natural increase in estrogen with a targeted, estrogen-reducing diet, and avoid exposure to xenoestrogens, and you’ll go a long way in keeping your hormone levels where they help, not harm, your health.

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