Have you heard about this power gadget?

The best advice and most practical gadgets are those you can use in a pinch, but do double duty with everyday uses.

Like what I wrote about duct tape not long ago.

It’s great for sealing holes or lashing things down fast. But also great to remove a splinter or heal a wart.

Pretty handy, don’t you think?

Well, I’ve got something even more useful to share today…

A new device that can save your rear end in an emergency. That much I know.

But it’s so useful, so practical… you won’t keep it stored away for a “rainy day.” (Though it stands up to water – so rainy days won’t hurt it!)

It can power any phone, tablet or other device that runs off a USB. Even two phones at the same time.

It’s tough enough to withstand water, a drop on the concrete, or years of use.

And if you find yourself in a panic because your phone’s about to die, whether you’re stuck at the airport or bugged out and nowhere near an outlet – you know you’re covered… as long as you have this in your bag.

It’s called the Patriot Power Cell – portable backup power that’s downright essential in an emergency.

And it’s 4Patriots’ most popular item right now (that’s no exaggeration – these things are flying out of their warehouse as fast as they can bring them in).

But it’s not just good for “crisis mode.”

It’s perfect anytime you want to keep your small electronics powered up and ready to go.

There are a bunch of devices out there that promise portable power. But in order to get the 4Patriots seal of approval, the Patriot Power Cell needed to do these things just right:

  • Deliver a hefty amount of power. With a powerful mAh lithium ion battery, this small wonder packs a serious punch. You can power your phone multiple times over… even power 2 phones at once!
  • Fire up even when there’s no outlet for miles. Sure, you can plug this in and top it off before you leave the house. But we love solar power because it’s readily available, and best of all – FREE. The Patriot Power Cell’s 1.5-watt solar cell not only pulls in the sun’s rays, it provides integrated functions. So you can fill your phone AND the battery at the same time. Power going in while power is going out…
  • Stand tough. It can stand up to being dropped, rained on, tossed in a bag or on the ground… perfect for travel, hiking, or even letting your grandkids use it.
  • And affordable too. I wouldn’t even pass this along if it wasn’t a sound solution, at a great deal. And even better, when you pick up more than one, they’ll cover the shipping, and also throw in an all-time 4Patriots best-seller for FREE too.

For a short time, they’re including the acclaimed Power4Patriots DVD, a step-by-step manual to energy independence when you pick up 2 or more Patriot Power Cells.

(This program has been sold for as much as $97 and now you get it on Frank’s dime – you can’t beat that.)

Plus, when you get more than one Patriot Power Cell, you’ll have extra power on hand, or ready to gift to a loved one. You’re not going to find a more practical (and potentially life-saving) gift.

Listen, if I’ve learned anything from the hurricane panics down here in Florida, it’s that power is something we can’t take for granted. A cell phone can be your lifeline – and you can’t always depend on it working when you need it most.

I would suggest picking up Patriot Power Cell, while they’re in stock and ready to ship – and before you really wish you had one (and don’t).

Pocket-sized backup power charges from the sun

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. I’ve seen how fast these handy little gadgets are flying off the shelves, so I know they’re popular. But what I really like is when Frank shares some real-life stories of why people love the Patriot Power Cell so much.

Like police officer Craig, who gave a “no-nonsense” thumbs up:

“This power cell recharges itself by the sun. It stores that power and then lets you recharge your phone or any other devices that uses USB; anyplace, anytime. And for anybody that lives in hurricane prone areas, Patriot Power Cell allows you to recharge your cell phones, your iPads, GPS’s or other electronic devices over and over again.”

Or Dawna L., who smartly got one for everyone in her household:

“Used mine yesterday as the power went out in the neighborhood. Good for everyday emergencies as well as planning for long-term crisis. These are real sturdy and I feel like I got something substantial. Got one for all of us and an extra for good measure for my long-term disaster planning bug-out bag!”

Great for every day. Perfect for an emergency. And whether it’s to make a critical call, or just get that last picture on vacation… you’ll be darn happy to have one on hand if you need it.

Pocket-sized power plant – in stock now

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