Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (well duh edition)

I had some time to catch up on my reading yesterday.

So many studies… I can hardly keep up on the research during the week.

And most are interesting, or show how much more we’re learning about safe and natural ways to stay healthy.

But sometimes I read a study and think…

“Well, duh… did they really need to test that? Isn’t it obvious?”

Yesterday was one of those moments.

I was reading the results of a study on older Americans and their attitudes on prescription medications, published by JAMA Internal Medicine.

In the least-shocking study results ever, researchers found that 92% of older adults would be willing to stop taking at least one of their medications if their physician said this was possible.

What? People want fewer drugs? You don’t say!

And, get this… 6 out of 10 said they’d like to decrease the number of medications they’re taking. (Try to act surprised.)

You probably know how I feel about prescription medications.

There are certainly times when they are necessary. But as soon as your doctor reaches for the prescription pad, you should start the conversation about alternatives.

Are there lifestyle changes you can make? Changes in diet? More exercise? Stress reduction?

If drugs are the only option, it’s critical to develop a plan with your doctor to get off the drug.

Most drug companies would love to have you as a lifetime customer. That’s just money in their pockets.

But you don’t want to be their cash cow.

With drug companies peddling their products to doctors…

And doctors looking for the easy fix with their prescription pad…

It’s more important than ever to be self-reliant. Take ownership of your own healthcare.

It’s not just about money. It’s about actually getting and staying well.

Ask questions. Demand answers.

Your long-term health depends on it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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20 thoughts on “Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (well duh edition)

  1. Jeff, I think the same way. I would rather change a diet than take a pill. I am a LTC nurse I’m looking forward to the day I can have my own holistic practice! My wife and I recently started a small apiary of eruopean honey bees. I have learned so much about raw wildflower honey and propolis. There’s a pharmacy in every hive. I like to read your Sunday thoughts and reflect on the progress of the week. Keep those greens coming Ooo-Ra!

  2. I will agree with you wholeheartedly a year and a half ago I got off all man-made drugs because they were literally killing me being on supplements and herbs and some of Them I purchased from your company and my health is doing will!

  3. Hello Jeff

    I completely agree with you. I come from 10 doctors in my family. And I never take any medication. If I feel little sick I do home remedy first and take care of myself and it always work. I am 61 years old and take no drugs.

    Thank you so much
    God bless everyone


  4. Hey Jeff,
    Just wanted you to know that I am one of those who is trying to get off of some my medicines. I am disabled veteran and all the docs do is give a pill. I take do much , it’s wonder my kidneys or liver hasn’t failed. Have a Blessed day and Merry Christmas.

  5. Everyone would be so much better off if they would eat the right foods and leave the dangerous pills out of their bodies. God has put everything here on Earth to keep us well but the Drs. think that pills are the only thing anymore. My Mother and Father raised huge gardens of food and that is what we ate winter and
    summer and there were 10 of us children. My mother lived to 100 plus 7 months and she didnt need any pills maybe i/2 of an aspirin once in a great while but seldom did she need anything and they didnt take us to the Dr. every time we had some minor thing like whooping cough or measles and we didn’t get shots like the kids do now days that just distroy their immune systems so they cant fight the minor things that children can get once in a while. My father died after they preformed a knee surgery and gave him something that took his life way too soon. I think we would all be better off to stay away from so many pills.

  6. Jeff, this Sunday’s issue of your letter hit home with me. Years ago, one of our Native Group members was having serious health issues, and no matter what medications she was prescribed, she felt worse, not better. I asked her how many “specialists” she was seeing — four. I asked how many CURRENT prescriptions were in her medicine cabinet — THIRTY-SIX, from four different pharmacies. Each specialist dealt with a favorite pharmacy and sent their patients to that pharmacy, no questions asked, apparently. I suggested to her that she decide which was the pharmacist she trusted the most, take ALL her prescriptions to that pharmacist and have him review them all with her. When that was done, she was down to ONLY EIGHT out of the original thirty-six. The rest were duplications or caused serious interactions with others. Within a matter of a couple of weeks, when her system began to clear out from the deleted ones, she was feeling much better, more active, and lived several more years in better health.

    Thanks for listening and sharing.

    Elizabeth Hyatt

  7. Dear Jeff,

    It is so refreshing to hear your thoughts about our medical “system” and the over-prescribing mania that our physicians are going along with.

    I am 63 years old, not taking any meds and am looked at as an anomaly by all the young Doctors and physician’s assistants I contact on my yearly physical.

    Thanks for advocating common sense – seems like we wouldn’t need that but, apparently we do!


    Lyn Demaree
    Scientologist, Christian, Conservative American

  8. I love your Sunday edition and read every week. As a physician, sometimes I get tired of the doctor bashing. We don’t just whip out a prescription pad to take the easy route. There is only so much begging your patients you can do to quit smoking, alter their diet and exercise to lose weight that you can do. Face it, many Americans are too lazy to do this and if you can just do a pill, they take that route. And I always talk about side effects and healthy living. Many of those evil drugs do extend life and prevent heart attacks and stroke.
    Just thought I would give you the other side of the coin. Keep up the thought provoking discourse.

  9. I toss my prescription drugs in the garbage as soon as I get home. I only pay for one prescription and don’t get refills. I think my doctors know this as they never bug me about getting refills. I am 87 and have never taken many prescription drugs in my life. I did take them when I had my finger bit off by a donkey as I was in the hospital for three days after my hand surgery and this was different because of the contamination from the animal bite. I agree with you completely about the over use of drugs.

  10. As a former Home Health Nurse, I had to keep track of all the medications my patients were taking and oftentimes I filled their weekly medication boxes for them. There were often so many meds, one box couldn’t contain them all. I wondered how they could keep up with them all if I wasn’t there to monitor them. If they happened to spend some time in the hospital, they would be sent home with even more prescriptions. I knew a couple of their personal MDs and would take the lists to them and see what could be omitted and what they absolutely had to take. I know that some of their medications were totally unnecessary and would also, with cautious questioning, take that up with their doctor. I am still seeing patients, I am 77, but only for IV (mostly) medications for people with chronic illnesses who would probably be bedridden without the kinds of medications they receive. It’s much easier than Home Health nursing on this old warhorse.

  11. Hi there,
    I just started taking the green powder a week ago yesterday & am already feeling better. I’m 71yrs young and now I really do feel young. I was on several medications for my back & have almost winged off of most of them. I’m pain free, my knees aren’t popping & I’m no longer throwing up. This powder is a miracle as far as I’m concerned. I have no gallbladder, but I still form gal stones. I’ve found a natuarl supplement that takes care of them, but I’d like to know if the green powder has helped anyone else with gal stones. I would eventually like to be off of everything except for the green powder.

  12. I agree with you on prescription medications. I am proud of the fact that being just a few months short of 60 years old I have never been on any maintenance drug. I get me need nutrition from the foods that I eat

  13. I loved your Sunday comment. I totally agree. I will not go to doctors because all they want to do is sell you a drug. I am 83, healthy & take no drugs (prescription or otherwise.)

  14. Jeff, I was sick with a cold last week and had to go to the dr for a work excuse. He explained to me, laboring as if this was going to be a hard sell, that he did not want to prescribe an antibiotic because i wasn’t sick with anything that an antobiotic would help. I eased his mind about that and then he wrote on a prescription blank what would do me some good; a 16 oz cup of tea with honey and lemon, what he gives his own kids for a cold. A doctor who knows how to doctor; a great find.

  15. Good morning. I love to read your Sunday Thoughts! And let me tell you, at my 67 years, I don’t like to take any prescription meds; and thank God, I don’t need to! Besides a few pains after a car accident, I m healthy!!!

    Best regards and blessings to you and your family!


    Silvia De Los Santos

  16. Two months bedridden and 6 weeks to get off the walker…in hospital and rehab was given calcium blocker while given daily doses of calcium, liquid protein, etc for leg bone to heal — crazy, right? So weaned myself off all pain killers and other scripts like Xeralto – blood seeps thru my skin on my arms and lost 50 lbs — 5’7”/85 lbs!!! My concern now is to not take Ibuprofen and acetaminophen too often (suffering extreme inflammation after 3 surgeries in two months). If I drink smoothies -am satiated and nibble on biscoff and nut butter. Get side stitch if I am on my feet, too long…knee screws/left don’t work; so, am guessing the right leg compensates.

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