THIS digestive problem has doctors baffled

I have a love/hate relationship with doctors.

If I’m ever in a car accident, by all means… rush me to the hospital.

I have extreme confidence the skilled doctors, nurses and staff can patch me up.

But if things get slightly off kilter, or my “well-oiled machine” needs a tune up, then I’m wary.

Because doctors – as brilliant as some are – they don’t have all the answers.

Digestion is one of the big blind spots in this country. And millions are suffering daily as a result.

The big digestive disaster in this country is something docs call “functional dyspepsia” (FD). And it’s a tough problem.

For 8 out of 10 people dealing with this, here’s the shorthand: you feel lousy after you eat.

But while doctors now have a name for it… they don’t know what causes FD and they don’t have a way to treat it.

People who suffer really suffer… yet tests find nothing “wrong.”

It’s called “functional” indigestion because, in doctor-speak:

“Your digestion is not functioning. We have no idea what’s wrong with you and we don’t know what to do.”

I can’t fault doctors completely. The fact is our digestive systems are extremely complicated.

There’s often no single answer. No magic “right” food, no single, consistent trigger food…

And sadly, no “silver bullet” that puts your digestion back to normal when it’s gone horribly wrong.

With no easy fix, no solution that they can write up quickly… doctors are at a loss. 

How do you know you’ve got it?

Everyone’s digestion is a little different. But if you’re experiencing some of these issues, FD is a likely culprit…

  • nausea
  • bloating
  • abdominal cramps, or upper GI pain
  • feeling too full right after you start eating
  • heartburn
  • loss of appetite
  • gas and burps

It’s a mixed bag of symptoms, but gut pain is likely the key one. And a bunch of things can be going wrong.

Your stomach doesn’t empty fast enough…

There’s too much acid (or too little) …

There’s not enough bile in your small intestine to digest fats…

You have inflammation in your intestines…
Your stomach’s mucus membranes are irritated…

The nerves in your gut are slow to react to bloating…

The muscles that push food along are slow to “wake up” …

And that’s just a sampling.

No wonder it’s hard to find a single-shot approach to “fix” your digestion!

Because it’s not always acid, or any one thing. All your systems are interconnected.

So a complex, multi-target, functionally  “intelligent” solution is the best way to get you back on track.

And you need to get your digestion right. Not just so you actually benefit from the healthy foods you eat.

But also because these problems after eating can make mealtime a nightmare.

You lose one of the greatest pleasures in life. Disrupt your social life. And face far too many days when you know at some point… you’re going to feel plain lousy.

You have to constantly worry about what you can eat… or when… or whether to eat at all.

Sometimes this food or that bothers you. Sometimes it doesn’t. You never know for sure. And your doctor doesn’t know either.

The truth is, your body should be able to handle the food you eat. It’s not the food that’s at fault, it’s the way your stomach, small intestine and large intestine are handling the food that’s a problem.

And the solution is to get your digestive system working again.

To get back to normal.

Rejuvenate and restore your digestion so you can eat what they want, and feel good afterwards…

Enjoy eating with friends and family…

And not worry about feeling awful after a meal.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered a solution. Not a single shot approach. But a breakthrough formula that works WITH your body, to give you what you need, where you need it.

A solution most doctors don’t know about.

But Dr. Sebring does.

Read all about it right here.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. If you’ve got a digestive system in revolt, you need something to get you back on course, not just paper over your problem. Or God forbid… slam it into place.

Mild, yet effective. Plant-based. And complete.

If your acid is too low, stimulate it higher.

If your acid is too high, lower it.

If your muscles are too tense, relax them.

If your muscles are too loose, tighten them up.

Activate digestion to propel food along… and then relax.

Protect sensitive digestive tissues.

And fix things in a way that makes sense, for you. In your body. Like this can.

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