Does Patriot Power Greens Pass the Taste Test?

You Can Mix It with Water, Juice and Even Milk

At 4Patriots, we enjoy telling people that our Patriot Power Greens drink is nutritious and great tasting.

Most people believe the “nutritious” part pretty easily. After all, one serving of Patriot Power Greens provides the user with a wide variety of alkaline-rich fruits and vegetables. How could that NOT be healthy for you?

But the “great tasting” part is a little tougher sell before one has tasted it. Many of our customers have tried “greens” drinks before, and they often say the taste is not all that great.

In addition, the green look of a glass of Patriot Power Greens does not usually stimulate the taste buds. But, because we know how great it tastes, we want people to taste it for themselves.

Recently we invited someone to our office who had never tasted Patriot Power Greens before and asked her to taste the drink five different ways: in plain water, in orange juice, in cranberry juice, in milk and in pineapple juice.

Here are her honest comments about each:

In Plain Water: “I really like it. It’s really good. And it’s not gritty. I like that. I could drink that. I could do that every day. I like it on its own.”

With Orange Juice: “It just tastes like orange juice to me. A little sweet, but I like it. It doesn’t really mask the taste of the orange juice too much. I like that, too. You can have different ones for different days.”

With Cranberry Juice: “That’s a little too sweet for me, but I guess that’s just my preference. I could see kids being into that.”

With Milk: “Wow. It’s a lot better than I thought it was going to be. It’s got like a milkshake taste. It’s not bad. I didn’t think I was going to say that. It’s like strawberry milk. I like it. Awesome.”

With Pineapple Juice: “Again, that’s really sweet, but it doesn’t mask the pineapple juice taste.”

Her Favorites: “I like it on its own in plain water, but I also really like it in orange juice. And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I also enjoyed it very much in milk.”

So, there you have it. Patriot Power Greens tastes great no matter what you mix it with. So, it comes down to personal taste. Try this experiment at home with a family member and figure out which way tastes best to you!

Patriot Power Greens Reviews

Don’t just take Sally’s word for it. Here’s what Paul reports about Patriot Power Greens:

“I bought one container originally to see if the hype was real and I’m here to say with the gastrointestinal health and spinal problems I have, Power Greens have given me new vigor. I almost feel like I’m 17 again.”

And this from Eric:

“I love the taste of the Patriot Power Greens. Just the right mix, so not sweet but certainly tasty.”

Here’s another review from “B”:

“The taste is great and it is amazing that you can pack that much… into such a small serving.”

Have you tried Patriot Power Greens yet? Click here to get your samples.

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