“Go outside and play”

It was a regular refrain in my house growing up…

“Go outside and play,” Mom would say.

I’m not sure if she had my health in mind, or she just wanted me out of her hair.

Either way, unless it was raining, she wanted me outside in the fresh air. Not that I minded.

Back then, all of us kids had free reign of the fields and streams and basically the entire neighborhood. Running around like maniacs with no supervision other than our mothers glancing out the window now and then.

Just had to be back in time for dinner, that was the only rule. And good luck to you if you broke it.

Little did I know how much good that fresh air and sunshine was doing for me back then. Especially helping me get enough vitamin D.

But here’s a new twist on the benefits of getting outside, especially in the winter.

In a recent study, people who exercised outside in cold weather burned more calories and fat.

Compared to people working out indoors, you end up burning 23% MORE calories.

You see, your body has to warm the air you breathe in. And this heating process means increased fat-burning. Even shivering can increase your weight loss. (Though I don’t recommend doing that on purpose.)

These extra burned calories really add up over time, and unwanted pounds drop away easier and faster.

But most of us avoid going outside in the winter.

That’s a mistake.

Not only do you burn more body fat and calories, you also get more oxygen. Indoor air in the winter is usually low quality unless you have a lot of houseplants that produce oxygen. Or a high-quality air purifier. (This is the one I recommend.)

Getting enough oxygen boosts brain function, detoxifies the body, and even helps you beat back the conditions many people think are inevitable…

Another biggie I already mentioned is vitamin D. I can’t talk about this enough. Most Americans are deficient in vitamin D.

And not getting enough vitamin D has serious health risks.

Increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Increased risk of damage to your brain. Increased risk of weak bones and fractures. Increased risk of cancer. And the list goes on…

So it’s clear that even if it’s cold, getting outside is a must.

Hopefully where you are, it’s starting to warm up already.

But even if it’s not, layer up, and take a walk today.

You’ll get your heart pumping, increase fat burning, boost your mood, and enjoy a bunch of health benefits from fresh air and sunshine.

Just don’t be late for dinner.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. With spring coming, you may get a chance to open up the windows soon and let some of that stale air out pretty soon.

But what you’re letting in isn’t always problem-free, especially if you’ve got allergies. Best to check out my clean air solution before pollen counts go sky high. Allergies are brutal in Austin, and if it’s bad where you are, grab one early, before we get a spring rush on them (as we always do).

Check it out right here.

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