Watch out for the evil clown

As you know, I grew up on a farm…

We ate most of our meals at home, whatever my mom cooked. And mostly what we managed to grow ourselves.

But every once in a blue moon, we’d go out for lunch or dinner.

And there was one restaurant I loved most when I was a kid.


It was a treat. And it was fun for us kids whenever we caught a glimpse of the friendly clown, Ronald McDonald.

Or his buddies Grimace, Mayor McCheese, and the rest.

I even had a set of those glasses with the characters’ pictures, collecting them all, one by one…

But those days are long gone.

Today we all know the dangers of eating fast food.

And if you’re at all health conscious, you try to stay away from the stuff.

Most of the time, anyway.

Well, after you read this, you may not want to go near a fast food restaurant ever again.

(Not even once in a blue moon.)

New research shows that your immune system responds to junk food the same way it does to a bacterial attack. With just a few bites, your immune system goes on high alert.

But it gets worse.

It turns out your body forms “fast food sensors” that reprogram your immune system to overreact to fast food whenever you eat it. Triggering inflammation and doing significant damage to your body.

These changes happen in your DNA. And they’re long term.

In a mice study, those who ate fast food samples saw significant inflammation in their bodies.

And when they switched back to a healthy diet for 4 weeks, the inflammation disappeared.

But their reprogrammed immune cells remained.

So even a tiny trigger – like a handful of French fries – kicked off body-wide inflammation right away.

Chronic inflammation like this can cause serious dominos to fall all over your body. Hardening your arteries and increasing your risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack.

This may explain why Americans often live shorter lives than their grandparents. We just eat too much junk.

Now, you may think the only thing to avoid is McDonald’s and other fast food joints.

But it goes much farther than that. Basically, any food high in fat and sugar and low in fiber qualifies as “fast food” and will trip the your body’s fast food sensors.

So your best bet is avoid anything that falls into that category completely.

Focus on whole, organic foods instead. Things like grass-fed meats, organic eggs, nuts, fruits and veggies.

Stick to a diet like that and, over time, your immune system CAN heal. But consistency is the key.

No “just this once.”

Because the more you slip up, the harder it is for your body to bounce back.

I know… you’re busy. And it’s hard to eat healthy when you’re on the run.

You can do two things to solve that problem. One, be prepared. Pack things like a healthy trail mix of seeds and nuts, hard boiled eggs, or fruit for the road or the office.

Two, pick restaurants that offer real, whole foods on their menu. Nowadays many restaurants have options like salads with wild-caught salmon, organic chicken with a side of veggies, and grass-fed beef with a baked sweet potato.

After reading about this new research, it’s a really a no-brainer. Avoid junk food like the plague.

Because to your body, junk food IS a kind of plague.

Be careful out there…

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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