How to Change Your Patriot Pure Pitcher Filter

Over time, everything wears out. Our clothes, our appliances… even ourselves.

While we can’t replace ourselves, we can replace the filter in our Patriot Pure Pitcher. And the great thing is, it’s both quick and easy.

Once you’ve received your new Patriot Pure Pitcher filter in the mail, unpack it. But before you install it, it’s important to flush it out.

Why? Because in order to keep your filter fresh and sterile during the time it shipped to you, we filled it with alcohol.

Now, you could drink from your Patriot Pure Pitcher using a brand new filter right away. It would be safe. But you would get an alcohol taste and smell that might not be particularly pleasant.

So, it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes flushing it out. All you need is a little vegetable oil and a faucet. Here’s how you do that:

Remove the red top from the new filter and pour a small amount of vegetable oil on a folded paper towel. Then rub it around the edge of that red top. This will create a good seal. Then put the red top back on your new filter.

Next, apply the filter to your faucet and turn the water on slowly. You don’t need much water pressure for this at all. Allow the water to run through the filter into the sink for about seven to eight minutes. Your filter will then be fully flushed. You’ll never have to flush this filter again.

Now, remove the top of your Patriot Pure Pitcher, as well as the component holding the filter. Unscrew the old filter and put it aside. Then, remove the red top from the new filter and screw in that new filter you just flushed out.

There. You’re done.

But you’re not done drinking pure, delicious water. That will continue for as long as you own the Patriot Pure Pitcher.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your water is free from the heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and VOCs that could be harming your family.


Here’s what Linda says about the Patriot Pure Pitcher:

“This pitcher is the best. It is sturdy and easy to fill. And it removes so many things. The other pitchers can’t compete. This is essential in a disaster situation, especially if radiation is present. I have three and am now drinking more water.”

And this from Diane:

“I love this water pitcher and filter. I have been drinking bottled water for years, worrying about the plastic contaminants that have seeped into the water. Since drinking this water, I noticed the water tastes better and I can rest confident that I am drinking the purest water available.”

This is from a review by Molly:

“Nothing beats this water pitcher! It takes my nasty tap water and turns it into the purest, cleanest tasting water! Takes a couple minutes to filter through but not bad. I love it. Wish I had two.”

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