4 ways to fight flu naturally

As we ease towards spring, you may think it’s ok to let your guard down.

But this year’s flu season will likely last longer than most. Another couple months or maybe more.

And I’ll be honest… this year’s flu has got me a bit nervous.

I’ve had friends and acquaintances catch this nasty bug. It’s an ordeal, let me tell you.

They’ve spent ten days or more in bed… so weak they couldn’t do much more than stare at the ceiling. And so achy they couldn’t get any real rest.

Then there’s the deep, hacking cough that sticks around… sometimes for a month or more. It sounds awful. And they tell me it’s exhausting. I believe them!

Karen and I are both being extra careful to protect ourselves.

We wash our hands a lot. First thing when we get home from being out anywhere. After coughing or sneezing. And again whenever else we think about it.

We’re paying extra attention to how much water we drink. Remember, your whole body works better when you’re hydrated… and that includes your immune system.

We’re getting enough sleep, staying active, and getting all our vitamins too.

But even with all these precautions, I want to be ready in case one of us starts to get sick.

Because if you act fast, you can nip the flu in the bud before it really takes hold.

You can bet I’m gonna start fighting hard at the first signs. The last thing I want is to be laid up for a week or more feeling awful.

After a little research, I found four herbal extracts to keep on hand until this flu season blows over.

The first is Echinacea. In studies, Echinacea extract keeps the flu virus from multiplying. That means even if you’re exposed to the flu, it can help keep those nasty little buggers from trying to take over.

Plus, Echinacea sparks your body to make more fighting cells to attack the virus.

The second is Golden Seal. Like Echinacea, it keeps the flu virus from multiplying. Golden Seal also helps fight inflammation. Inflammation gets in the way of your immune system doing its job. So less is better.

Golden Seal signals your body to bring more blood — and more white blood cells — to infected areas as well.

The best part is Echinacea and Golden Seal are especially good when you take them together.

You need to jump into action at the first sign of the flu — and one of the ways you know it’s the flu is how fast the symptoms come on. Colds come on slowly.

With the flu, you can go from feeling fine to miserable in just an hour or two. So at the first sign, add a half a dropper each of Echinacea extract and Golden Seal extract to a mug of tea and drink it down.

Do this every three hours when you’re awake, and you might just kick the flu to the curb in a day or two. Much better than being laid up for a week!

Don’t take these two extracts for more than ten days running. Immune stimulators like these need to be “cycled,” so if you take them for more than a week, you need to stop for a few days before you start again.

Another powerhouse I’m keeping on hand is Elderberry. In clinical studies, if you start taking Elderberry as soon as you feel like you’re getting sick, you can shave four days off how long the flu lasts. That’s huge!

Add a dropper full to your tea or juice three or four times a day until you’re better.

And finally, I like olive leaf oil. This one is especially good if you think you’ve been exposed to the flu, but don’t have any symptoms yet.

If someone you work with or one of your golfing buddies gets sick, start taking olive leaf extract before you have symptoms.

Take one dropper three times a day. In fact… some people take olive leaf extract all through the flu season as a precaution. This one doesn’t need to be cycled.

Being smart about flu prevention is just that… smart.

But sometimes you can do everything right and still find yourself getting sick. When that happens, don’t resign yourself to being sick. Hit that nasty virus with everything you’ve got. It’s your best chance to feel better as soon as possible.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance



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