Friday FAQ – Jeff answers all your questions…

I’m doing a little rapid-fire FAQ today where I answer as many reader questions that have come in over the last week as I can…

Alright let’s jump right into today’s FAQ…

Q. What’s the best way to get my grandkids to eat more veggies?

A.  Smoothies.  You can add things like spinach or kale to a smoothie with apples, banana and some ice and kids will love it.


Q.  I ordered Patriot Power Greens, but didn’t get a scoop with it?

A.  The scoop is most likely in there, it just gets buried under the greens powder.  If it’s not in there we can send you one, or you can just use a regular teaspoon.  It’s about the same size.  


Q.  You always talk about the paleo diet, does it really work for heart issues?

A.  Yes.  Things like high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and even heart disease can be reversed on a paleo diet.  A 2009 study on the diet showed us that after just 10 days on the diet, the participants saw the following results…

– Total cholesterol dropped by 16%

– LDL cholesterol dropped by 22%

– Triglycerides went down 35%

– Insulin AUC went down 39%

– Blood pressure went down 3.4 mmHg

Like I said this was all in just 10 days.  I’ve seen much bigger turnarounds from customers and clients who use the diet for 30 days.

Bottom line, it works wonders for your heart.


Q.  I keep seeing your ads for the AlexaPure water filter.  My wife and I have a Brita filter now, what would be the difference?

A. That’s kind of like asking what’s the difference between a Ford Focus and a Rolls Royce.

The AlexaPure does things that other filters simply can not do.  It filters flouride, lead and chlorine out of your water at 99.9% rate.  The lab tests back this up as well.

Personally I was skeptical of it when I heard about it because I was already using a Brita filter… but after 2 weeks of using it I was a sold.  I have a hard time drinking tap water now after using the AlexaPure for nearly 5 months.

The water just tastes a whole lot better after it’s filtered through the AlexaPure.

Also, I believe it holds close to 2 gallons of water, which for me is great.  It lasts me a few days and I don’t have to refill it every single day like I did with my Brita.

You can get more details on the product page here

That’s my 2 cents…


Q.  Jeff, what kind of fish oil do you recommend?

A.  I take Nutrigold – Omega 3 Gold.  You can find it on Amazon.  I take it a few times each week since I hate eating fish, but I know it’s good for me.


Q.  You say you’re from Ohio, but everything on your website says Nashville.  What’s the deal?

A.  Yeh I know that’s confusing.  Here’s the deal…

When I started Patriot Health Alliance the whole company was based in our office here in Westerville, OH.  

But back in 2014, I decided to partner up with the 4Patriots company so that I could utilize their resources which included a big customer service team and a lot of operations people that would help the company as we grew.

Basically I realized that we didn’t have the customer support that I wanted, so I partnered up with the 4Patriots team and we are now sister companies with them (and they have great survival products).

I think our customer service has massively improved since the merger, and it’s a better experience for all of our customers…

So that’s the reason for the differing addresses.


Q.  Hi Jeff, nice to meet a fellow Ohio guy.  I have to ask…Browns or Bengals fan?

A.  Unfortunately I am a long suffering Cleveland Browns fan.  Our motto for the past 50 years has been “waiting for next year”.

At least we always have the NFL draft to look forward to…


Q.  I remember you mentioning that you are a gun guy.  Any favorites?

A.  I’m pretty simple with my guns.  My Glock 19 is still my favorite and the one I shoot the most.


Q. Hi Jeff love your newsletters.  This question is off topic, but since you discuss politics a lot, who was your favorite president of all time?

A.  Great question.  There’s a few obvious ones like Jefferson and Reagan.  I think they’re two of the most important presidents we’ve ever had… And if I had a chance to bring someone back from the dead and have dinner with them it would be Thomas Jefferson.

But if I had to pick one, it would be a relatively obscure president… Grover Cleveland.

He was a shining example of what small government should look like.  He vetoed tons of bills, oppossed tariffs and was a believer in the gold standard.

I think above all else, Cleveland realized that it wasn’t the federal government’s job to intervene in every situation and that the states and local communities could handle things.  He was a pretty no B.S. kind of guy that did what he said he was gonna do.  That’s why I admire him.


Alright thats all for today…

God Bless,

– Jeff Reagan
Founder, Patriot Health Alliance

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