Why most E.D. supplements are a SCAM (for men only)

I want to share an interesting email that I received this morning…

This one comes from a long time reader, Harvey, in Florida.

Harvey has seen me talk about our Ultimate Male supplement numerous times in the newsletter, but he never ordered because he was skeptical that it wouldn’t work.

This was my response…

Harvey, you have every right to be skeptical!

In fact, I’m glad you’re skeptical.

There are literally hundreds of male performance supplements on the market that are an absolute scam.

With some of these, you could take DOUBLE the number of capsules that they recommend and still not feel anything.


Because most of these companies skimp on the ingredients that the label says they’re putting in the bottle.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, there was a big bust just a few months ago in New York by the Attorney General on this very topic…

They discovered that over 70% of the supplements they tested didn’t contain the correct amount of the ingredients that they claimed to contain.

So again, you have every right to be skeptical.

Another thing that you’ll find with E.D. supplements is that many of them will use the cheapest ingredients you can find.

They order these ingredients from shady areas of China where they can get them for dirt cheap.

The problem?

The ingredients don’t actually work!

You’d get the same effect from taking a capsule filled with rice powder.

This is why the ingredients we use in Ultimate Male, only come from REAL farms that we personally work with.

And it’s the main reason that guys who take Ultimate Male get results like Russ V. did…

Russ is a 69 year old retired firefighter…

Have been using the “blue pill” for the last 6 yrs, with good results and no side effects that I know of. But I was curious to see if things could be better with your Peak Performance.  Very rarely woke up with an erection, unless I had recently taken a blue pill.  

2 weeks into taking the Ultimate Male nothing was different, and I thought maybe this isn’t going to work for me.

Then it started.  It’s been a trip, and I do in fact feel younger, need less sleep, find myself “in the mood” quite often, and its been fun.  

So I’ll be one to testify that it works, and honestly I was surprised, because there are so many things out there, and we find out that many or most are a lot of hype.  

And I thought it would effect my BP, but it hasn’t, and so far everything is positive. So thank you.

These are the stories I love to read.

I love seeing guys being able to get a little bit of that vigor back that they used to have…

So here’s what I want you to do…

If you’re a guy and you want to get back to the passionate and long lasting sex you used to have, then head over to the website and pick up a few bottles of Ultimate Male.

As always, Ultimate Male is backed by my unheard of 100% and 200% money-back guarantee.

If you don’t get the results you want, I’ll refund you all of your money back (and maybe even DOUBLE your money back).

That’s a fair deal if you ask me.

You can check it out right here

– Jeff Reagan

P.S. – I personally suffered from E.D. for over 2 years, and it drove a real wedge between Karen and I.

There were nights that I slept on the couch, because I was trying to avoid the embarrassment of being intimate with my wife.

I felt like I was “half of a man”.

It took me years of suffering and wasting money on supplements before I decided to buckle down and create my own because nothing else worked.

Now, all these years later, I still take Ultimate Male when I need it.

If you’re in similar situation that I was, give it a try.

You have nothing to lose, and your order is fuly backed by my 100% and 200% guarantee.

Check it out right here

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