Failing Flint…Governor Snyder knew about Legionnaire’s disease (CNN report)

I have a feeling this Flint story is going to get uglier and uglier as time goes on…

Last night, CNN reported that Governor Snyder knew about the increases in Legionnaire’s disease in Flint, Michigan nearly a year ago!

And he was instructed back then to make sure he didn’t let the cat out of the bag that the water was unsafe.

So for nearly a year, he knew that the drinking water in Flint was unsafe, but he never warned the residents!


This kind of thing makes my blood boil.

And the worst part is… the lazy, canned responses from the Government…

“We’re doing everything we can”

“We need to work together and move forward”

“We’re a tough community and we’ll get through this”


That’s it?

There are kids and pregnant women that will NEVER be the same after ingesting mega-doses of lead for nearly a year, and that’s the response you give?

Kids that will have brain damage for the rest of their lives…

Women that have unknowingly harmed their babies in the most crucial stage of development…

If I was in charge of this situation, I’d be clearing house and firing everyone who was involved.

If you can’t do your job properly, then you’re out!

People always wonder why I put so little faith in the government, and this is the perfect example.

You have a bunch of incompetent fools running the show who really don’t care…


Because it doesn’t affect them.

The government officials that knew about this, we’re already getting bottled water and water filters shipped to them before they told anyone what was going on.

Living like kings, while the hard working people of Flint were getting poisioned by their own government.

As sad as this whole situation is, it should also be a wake up call to you…

The government will never have your best interests in mind.

Their interests will always come first.

And when stuff hits the fan, it’s going to be you that get’s screwed… not them.

My recommendation?

Prepare yourself.

Get yourself a water filter (you can see the one that I use everyday right here)

It beats a Brita Filter by miles…

And it even bests the “Big Berkey” filter in head-to-head lab tests.

It’s the real deal.

Check it out right here

God bless,

– Jeff Reagan
Founder, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. – Ever since the Flint water crisis started, we’ve been trying to find a way to donate our water filters to help the people of Flint.

We tried contacting the local government to see if we they could distribute some of our AlexaPro water filters to families in the area, but that turned into a nightmare.

…Too much bureacracy and red tape to get anything done.

However, after weeks of calling everyone in Flint, we finally found a way to help by donating a bunch of water filters to child daycare centers in the area.

So now, our AlexaPro water filters are helping give hundreds of kids clean, lead-free water each and everyday.

It’s a good feeling, and I’m glad we were able to help.


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