The “weird” food my grandma ate for better vision, digestion and healthy bones

My Grandma Marian, was the Queen Bee when it came to making delicious meals with scraps.

When my sister and I would go to her house for a visit, Grandma would always have some type of stew or broth simmering on the stove for us.

Not only was this delicious, but I realized after all these years that Grandma knew what she was doing in terms of nutrition.

She would round up leftover chicken bones, fatty meats, veggies and anything else she had laying around and toss it in the stew.

Grandma even chopped up organ meats and tossed some of those in the stew as well.

If you grew up in the 50’s or 60’s, then you probably remember eating organ meats (or at least you remember your parents eating them)

I specifically remember my mother making burgers for us out of half ground beef and half liver in order to save money.

This was normal for us.

I never thought anything of this back then, because that was just the way we ate in our house.

We ate all kinds of “weird” things like liver, hearts and bone marrow.

That was life on the farm.

Over the years though, I definitely got away from this.

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago, when I finally decided to get in shape and get my health in order that I started eating organ meats again.

I randomly came across them in a book I was reading by Dr. Weston Price, and was quite shocked at how good they are for you (especially chicken livers).

Organ meats are very high in Vitamin A, CoQ10, Vitamin K and choline.

But specifically organ meats can help improve your vision, fix your digestion, strengthen your bones and they can even help fight fatigue.

Now if you’ve never eaten organ meat you might be “grossed out” by it.

Most people are at first.

That’s why you start with something simple…

Chicken liver.

Chicken livers are pretty bland with no real discerning flavor.

If you chop up a chicken liver and mix it in with your ground beef when making a burger, you’d never even know it’s in there.

If you do this just a few times a week, you’ll start to feel like a new person.


Because your body is most likely deficient in all of the nutrients that organ meats are loaded with!

Grandma knew what she was doing when she cooked with organ meats.

God bless,

– Jeff Reagan
Founder, Patriot Health Alliance

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