Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (wolf edition)

When my kids were little, there was a lot of talk about wolves at bedtime.

They were usually “big & bad,” or dressed up to look like grandma, ready to eat an unsuspecting kid in a red hooded jacket.

But the longer I have a dog, the more I feel an odd connection to her cousins, the wolves.

And I’ve come to find out that in a supervised environment, wolves are drawing new connections to us humans.

Places like Wolf Connection and Shadowland Foundation, both in California, run rehab facilities that work with veterans, recovering addicts and even business folks looking for an unusual outing.

But you can’t just waltz right in among the pack.

You’ve probably heard about the “alpha” wolf. But the zeta and omega are in charge of “sniffing” you, giving you the once-over.

As they get familiar with you and feel comfortable, then you’re clear to enter the wolf pack.

Pretty cool.

Apparently, there’s something calming about sitting and interacting among the wolves. They have such a ferocious reputation, when they take a shine to you, it can really beat back anxiety and depression.

One story from Wolf Connection really got to me…

A big veteran who’d been through a lot was waiting to see if the wolves would approach.

He’d lost a leg, and had extensive burn scars. “She’s not going to pick me,” he said.

“Nobody ever picks me.”

And then this wolf named Willow sauntered over… and plopped down right in the veteran’s lap.

The handler said Willow just doesn’t do that. She typically keeps to herself.

And the vet hugged this wolf with all he had, with tears in his eyes.

Not so big and bad, after all. And they might not blow your house down.

But this wolf story blew me away.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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