Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (start at home edition)

It’s early morning on a Sunday, and we’ve got a big day ahead.

I always look forward to days like this. Our church is organizing a “service day” once the sermons and the congregating are over.

It usually gets a great turnout.

Today we’re going to be doing a community clean-up, but in the past, we’ve done all sorts of things…

Organizing food drives for those facing hard times.

School supplies as classes begin again.

Painting and cleaning a home for an injured vet.

Even taking shelter dogs for a walk around the block.

It’s always great fun and you know what… it feels good.

You know that at Patriot Health Alliance, we make a point of helping those who have sacrificed – and continue to sacrifice – in order to protect the freedoms we hold so dear.

I know from hearing from so many of you, you appreciate it. And I can tell you for sure, these active duty and military vets, they appreciate it too.

Now, I was going to share with you a study I read recently that said that targeted support, help for those close to you in your community, your family and the like… it goes a long way towards not only helping someone else.

But also, helping you feel less anxious or stressful. And more content.

And that’s good for your health.

Of course, you know that already. You don’t need some researchers from the University of Pittsburgh to tell you. Or me.

I know when I lend a hand, it makes me feel good. It gives me purpose. And it helps underscore that we’re all put upon this Earth to make a difference.

With so many people struggling, it’s not handouts they really need or want. It’s a hand up.

Is there someone you can lend a hand to today?

Not because it’s good for your mood, or your brain… but because it’s just… good.

Something to think about as the weekend comes to a close.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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