Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (miracle edition)

A Sunday seems like the perfect day to bring up something I’ve been thinking about a lot…

The word “miracle” gets thrown around quite a bit, doesn’t it?

And not just by the devout.

Remember the “Miracle on Ice?”

I mean, nobody expected the U.S. Olympic hockey team to beat the Russians but I seriously doubt it was impacted by the hand of God.

I won’t even get into the divine provenance of “Miracle Whip.”

When it comes to health advice, especially something new, it can often be described as a “miracle” too.

I get it. When something is truly helpful, and it solves a problem you’ve struggled with for a long time… it sure can feel like a miracle.

Or an answer to your prayers.

I’m guilty of this myself.

But have you stopped to consider how you yourself can be a miracle? Where you can be a miracle for others?

To provide a needed lift, a helping hand, to show compassion or understanding?

To help someone who desperately needs it – even if the task or the “ask” is relatively small in the grand scheme of things?

We have the power within us all to brighten someone else’s day. To help with the daily struggle.

To let someone simply catch their breath, and know that they’re not alone in this world.

I can recall a conversation I had with my mother many years ago. I was jealous of one of my classmates. It really had me in a funk.

I can’t recall exactly why… probably because he was picked ahead of me on the baseball team, or got a shiny new bike when I was rolling around on a hand-me-down.

My mom reminded me that no matter what someone looks like to the outside world, you can’t ever really know what’s going on INSIDE.

Everyone has their struggles. Money. Relationships. Not knowing who they are or who they should be.

Even if someone has the fancy car, or scored the winning touchdown, or has the kids who always seem to be on the honor roll (with the bumper sticker to prove it)…

Everyone has their thing.

And the sooner you recognize that, and open yourself up to helping others with their own struggles, the faster you’ll become the best person you can be… for yourself.

Is that a miracle?

It sure can feel like it.

And maybe that is the hand of God, working through each of us.

If we just let it happen.

Something to think about this week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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