Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (good dog edition)

Not everyone is a dog person.

In fact, I got a note from one of my readers who didn’t appreciate the “UPS Dogs” story because he’s been tormented by dogs on his route.

But as I write this with Ellie at my feet, well… you’re not changing my mind.

There’s a bond between dogs and humans that’s undeniable.

Now, they might not be for everyone, for sure.

But I’m the type of guy that shows up at a party and spends as much time with the dog as I do the folks who are hosting me.

It’s just my way I guess.

And dogs seem to sense it. They know a friendly face and the next thing you know, I’m like “Doctor Doolittle,” with a new friend for life.

But even if you’re not a “dog person,” you’ll probably appreciate this story.

It begins in Iraq.

A former artillery forward observer was stationed there, and his unit picked up a stray mutt. They named him “Trackpad.” It was an armor unit, after all.

Anyway, the CO informed the guys that there were no dogs allowed on base.

Sadly, they drove old Trackpad to the other side of the city to drop him off. On the way back… ambush.

So the soldier was engaging when all of a sudden, he hears a bark from behind.

When he turns, he sees an insurgent about to hit him and his buddies with an RPG. So he swings around and takes him out… saving the convoy in the process.

Now keep in mind, this was 6 miles from where they dropped off Trackpad. He’d faithfully followed the convoy, spotted the insurgents, and sounded the alarm.

Saving lives in the process.

So that was that. Into the truck goes Trackpad again.

When they returned to base, the entire convoy walked into the CO’s office and said “Look, this dog just saved our lives. He’s staying.”

The CO relented. And Trackpad stayed.

Until he eventually was adopted by another soldier at the end of his tour, making it back to the U.S. alongside him.

Now, dogs may not be for you. You may not have one in your house, or your life.

You may avoid them when you see them.

But maybe, just maybe… if you befriend a dog, he’ll watch your back when you really need it.

I love that story.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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