Pain Q&A with Dr. Sebring

If you’re dealing with joint pain, you’re going to want to pay attention today.

Because recently I sat down with Dr. Sebring, to dig into this problem. I included a transcript of our conversation.

You’re like a “fly on the wall” for our talk…

About why so many people are suffering.

And what we can finally do about it.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s get started…

JEFF: Dr. Sebring, we did a survey of Alliance readers, and over 6,000 of them replied back that they were dealing with pain. Does this surprise you?

DR. SEBRING: Not at all. If you look at this country, 100 million of us are dealing with pain, primarily joint pain. Nearly 1 out of 3 people face this every day. It’s discouraging, but it’s not surprising.

JEFF: What’s happening? Why are people in so much pain? Why haven’t doctors solved this problem?

DR. S: The biggest issue is so many doctors have basically thrown up their hands. They don’t have an answer. Because they think the problem is “wear and tear” as you age. This isn’t working. It really demands a new approach.

This isn’t a new problem. For 18 years, I’ve been seeing patients and it doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, a veteran or just a guy trying to enjoy his retirement with a weekend golf game, it’s like our joints and muscles are under attack.

Because they are.

JEFF: What do you mean, “under attack?”

DR. S: Your body, the way it works — it’s really a gift from God. It fixes itself and maintains itself in truly miraculous ways. But sometimes, it gets its own signals crossed. Your body’s own defenses get out of control.

Think of it this way. Imagine your natural defenses like a street sweeper. If it’s working like it should, it stays on its route, gently picking up the trash and leaving your body refreshed, repaired.

But sometimes this street sweeper gets a shot of rocket fuel. It barrels down the roads, picking up some trash, but leaving damage and mayhem along the way.

Then you’re looking at chaos. Inflammation. Damage to your joints. And of course, pain.

JEFF: What can we do to stop this from happening?

DR. S.: You have to stop it early. To keep it from picking up steam. This inflammatory madness is known as the “Complement Cascade.” I like a complement as much as the next guy, but this kind of complement does NOT make you feel good.

It’s really a hidden cause of joint pain. And to do something about it, you have to catch it early.

That’s why when Stanford doctors discovered that silymarin can put the brakes on the pain process, it was an amazing breakthrough.

I knew then and there we had to get this out to our folks. Because they surely didn’t know about it. Heck, most doctors have never heard of this!

JEFF: Is this why you insisted on it being part of Joint & Muscle Freedom?

DR. S: It is, but that’s just the start. You see, silymarin targets 6 painful molecules at once. It’s “broad spectrum.” I’ve not seen anything natural that does this.

JEFF: What can people expect with Joint & Muscle Freedom? What makes it different? I mean, there are dozens of “joint supplements” out there…

DR. S: I know. And I’ve tried most of them. But there are two things I especially like about our formula.

First, it doesn’t make you wait to feel some relief. Two of the clinically supported ingredients show results inside of a few days. If you try glucosamine or other “old school” things, they can take months to work, if they work at all.

And for half the people, those old recommendations end up doing nothing.

Second, we don’t provide a “half solution” here. Keep in mind, joint pain is a big problem. But muscle strength is critical as we age. It’s what keeps us agile, active… and independent. In my mind, you can’t address joints without helping your muscles too.

So when you suggested lutein and zeaxanthin for muscle strength, I knew we had something special.

JEFF: Me too. Especially because then we’re helping something else besides muscles…

DR. S: If you’re talking about eye health, you’re right. These are two of the very best eye support nutrients you can get. So it’s like a 3-in-1 solution, for joints, muscles AND eye protection as you age. I love that.

And patients do too. One less thing to take, or worry about…

JEFF: If people want to learn more about what’s in Joint & Muscle Freedom, or why we chose what we did, where can they go?

DR. S: I write all about the details here.

And because your guarantee is so strong, I encourage anyone dealing with joint pain to at least give it a try.

JEFF: Thanks Dr. Sebring. I appreciate your time.

If you want to learn more about joint pain and what you can finally do about it, check out Dr. Sebring’s letter right here.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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