NBC News: Doctors shamefully admit “We have NO answer for joint pain”

When doctors get something right, it can mean an end to your suffering. 

Or a new lease on life.

But if they get it wrong… it can be devastating.

Chasing false hope down a rabbit hole. Or giving up completely.

And worse yet… you don’t get any better.

One of the most painful examples involves the health of your joints and muscles.

When it comes to achy, aging knees, hips and more, doctors are a DECADE behind the science…

Putting millions of Americans in the cross-hairs of everyday misery.

I know a lot of my readers are already there.

Thousands of you have told me you’re dealing with joint pain right now.

But if you listen to “conventional wisdom” you’re not looking at a future of strength… ease of motion… and freedom to live your life…

Because doctors have been DEAD WRONG about what happens to our joints as we age.

They call it one of the “most complex challenges in modern medicine.”

And ultimately… “nothing” can be done about it.

Frankly, I didn’t believe that could be true.

Neither did Dr. Sebring.

And finally, Stanford researchers have proven us right…

There IS an answer for joint pain.

But it’s not what you’d expect.

If you’re suffering from achy knees, stiff hips and sore joints, it’s easy to get discouraged.

Especially if the discomfort won’t go away.

To make matters worse, doctors on NBC Nightly Newsshamefully admitted “we have no answer for joint pain.”

They threw up their hands.

Leaving you to suffer the consequences.

Or choose a “solution” that throws a coat of paint on an underlying problem with no hope of it going away…

Why such failure?

Because most doctors believe joint pain is caused by “wear and tear” of your joints—and treated it that way.

But startling new research by doctors at Stanford University uncovered the hidden cause of joint pain that conventional solutions totally miss.

Even better, if you finally address this problem the RIGHT way, you can get results like…

  • 71% of your pain vanished in 1 week
  • 96% of your pain gone in 4 weeks
  • An 81% reduction of a key pain triggering “domino”

…all safely and naturally.

Without unwanted side effects.

The 6 human clinical trials and mounds of supporting research that pointed us to a real solution should be front-page news.

Sadly, it isn’t.

Now, I don’t know why most doctors are so misguided.

And I won’t speculate about why they favor short-term answers that don’t address the real problem.

But I’m thankful there are researchers doing amazing work.

And doctors like Dr. Sebring to help me create real world solutions.

For you.

Because it means brand-new, exclusive formulas like Joint & Muscle Freedom.

THIS is the future of joint health.

Because it does what no other formula can claim…

Slash pain now…

Quench the fires of inflammation, and stop it from flaring up later…

Defend against damaging oxidation…

Protect your cartilage…

And truly strengthen the MUSCLES around your knees… hips… hands and more, for a future of freedom and comfort most doctors won’t promise…

Because they don’t know how.

But starting today, you’ll know.

I’m excited for you to learn more about Joint & Muscle Freedom.

Exactly how it works. And why it can mean a pain-free future you could only just imagine before.

Learn more about it, right here.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. Most “joint formulas” take a “wait, wish & hope” approach. You faithfully take them and watch the days and weeks go by… waiting for the day they “kick in.”

But Joint & Muscle Freedom is different. You’ll feel it working in a week or less. Real relief. And even better, you’re strengthening your joints and muscles, preventing future problems, and setting a course for true freedom.

Discover the science behind Joint & Muscle Freedom, and what it can mean for you, right here.

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