The super protein (you’ve never heard of)

Yesterday I told you about the incredible power of hydrolyzed collagen.

It’s one of the cornerstones of my new Patriot Power Protein.

But as good as collagen is, it’s not a perfect protein source. At least, not by itself.

Relying on collagen alone to boost your body’s protein as you age will have you coming up short of critical amino acids, the building blocks of muscles…

And an important way to protect your strength, freedom and independence as you age.

So, when I was building this new formula, I knew I had to bring a “protein partner” into the mix. To pair with collagen and give you everything you need in a protein and more.

Now, picking this protein wasn’t easy.

I knew it had to be easy to digest, chock full of nutrients, and free of the worries that other proteins can have, like contaminants, allergens and GMOs…

So, Dr. Cage and I got to work. We did the research. We mixed, we matched.

We tasted.

And finally, we found this perfect protein, one I’d never seen before…

In a special aquafarm, tucked away in Florida.

It’s called Lentein®, and if you’ve never heard of it… well, don’t feel so bad.

Not too many people have either. Yet.

But once word gets out, I’m fairly certain Lentein is going to turn the protein world completely upside down.

We already turned our own world upside down – we can’t keep it in stock!

Because no other protein does everything this one does.

Lentein beats the pants off other plant proteins when it comes to amino acids. For amino acids, it’s as good (if not better) than whey, without the dairy hangover.

But that’s only step one. Because it also delivers a whole bunch of nutrients other proteins just don’t, like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus…

And muscle building and eye-supporting lutein too – more than 8 mg. per serving!

Still, that’s just the beginning when it comes to this power protein. Because it’s also naturally high in chlorophyll.

You’ll know how healthy it is just by looking at it.

Patriot Power Protein a vibrant green, delivering over 72 mg of chlorophyll per serving – 3x what you’d get from spinach and 4x what you’d get from parsley…

And really, how much parsley are you eating?

You’re never going to get the full body detoxification benefits from that “garnish!”

Chlorophyll is simply amazing when it comes to protecting your health.

It blocks the absorption of dangerous toxins from pollutants like smoke & molds. It neutralizes damaging oxidation.

It supports your liver, oxygenates your blood, and it’s an alkalinizing superstar too…

This is no ordinary protein, folks.

That’s reason enough to want to make Patriot Power Protein a regular part of your health journey. But there’s still more to get excited about…

Because Lentein also delivers key omega-3 fatty acids too: 420 mg per serving, nearly a quarter of what men need each day… and 40% of your daily needs for women.

Whey can’t do that. Neither can soy, pea, pumpkin seed or other proteins…

It’s why I’m so excited to bring you Patriot Power Protein. Especially if you missed out on our first production runs.

But hurry. Like I said before, we blew through every last canister in just a few days the last time.

Get your Patriot Power Protein right here.

God Bless,
Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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