Patriot Health Alliance Donates Water Purifiers to Hurricane Harvey Victims

One of the biggest problems with flooding, such as what occurred recently in the Houston area due to Hurricane Harvey, is water contamination. According to the Associated Press and other media outlets, flooding can contaminate water sources by stirring up toxic chemicals from waste sites.

The Patriot Health Alliance, based in Nashville, Tennessee and a sister company to 4Patriots, has responded to this situation by donating 10 Alexapure Pro tabletop water filtration systems to Remote Area Medical for distribution to those in need in the Houston area.

The Patriot Health Alliance’s mission is to help support people’s health, energy and well-being with top-quality dietary supplements and educational information. The company has been making monthly donations of its Patriot Power Greens product to active-duty U.S. troops for well over a year.

Our hearts go out to those people negatively affected by the recent severe flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. We understand the Houston metro area contains more than a dozen Superfund sites designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as being among America’s most intensely contaminated places.

Some of those sites were flooded, with a risk of dangerous sediment being stirred up. We want people in southeastern Texas to have pure drinking water.

Remote Area Medical’s mission to prevent pain and alleviate suffering is fueled by donors and volunteers who support the operation of mobile medical clinics that deliver free, high-quality vision, dental and medical services to children, individuals and families who do not have access or cannot afford a visit to a doctor.

Since 1985, Remote Area Medical’s corps of more than 100,000 humanitarian volunteers, comprised of licensed dental, vision, veterinary and medical professionals, have treated more than 700,000 individuals and 67,000 animals, delivering $112 million worth of free healthcare services.

As I always mention, we would not be able to make these types of donations to help people in need without your support. So, thank you very much.

Of course, southeastern Texas is just one of the many places where contaminants are found in drinking water. People can protect themselves from a variety of contaminants with the Alexapure Pro, a tabletop water purifier capable of transforming contaminated water from virtually any source into clean, safe, delicious water.

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