Kills more seniors than homicides

Almost 30,000 seniors fall victim to this each year.

Quite literally, as it turns out.

Every second of every day in the U.S., an older adult takes a fall. It’s the #1 cause of injuries and deaths from injury among seniors.

The most dangerous threat.

And not only can it mean serious complications or even loss of life, it often signals a loss of independence. The last straw.

The “Life Alert” commercials are so hokey… I know.

But if they’ve been running this long, there are an awful lot of people screaming that they’ve fallen… and they can’t get up!

It’s amazing how much we do to prevent dangers that aren’t likely, but do nothing to combat those that are – and deadlier.

Take a walk around your house. Do you have any rugs that curl up, or slide? Are there pet toys out in the open, where you could stumble?

What about your stair railings? Are they strong, secure?

An ounce of prevention here could keep you from becoming another statistic.

Also, take a hard look at your meds. All too often, dizziness is a side effect… and one that can have very dangerous consequences.

What about your eyes? When’s the last time you had them checked?

A bunch of little things could mean the difference between independence or something terrible.

Exercise has so many benefits, but gaining strength and mobility, and preventing falls, should be up there on your checklist too. Programs like Tai Chi have proven benefits to increase balance and steadiness on your feet – and prevent a tumble.

I’d be surprised if your community center doesn’t offer a free class – they’re everywhere these days.

But there’s one other thing that even doctors are beginning to recommend to reduce your risk of falls… vitamin D.

That’s right, here’s something else that the “sunshine vitamin” is good for (not like we needed another reason to take it).

I mean, we already know that…

  • Vitamin D Helps Protect Against Bone Loss: Your body requires vitamin D to absorb calcium. When your levels of vitamin D are insufficient, you’re at risk of lower bone density and bone loss.
  • Vitamin D Helps You Stay Healthy and Support Immune Function: Higher levels of vitamin D mean better health, especially during the winter months. And regular supplementation can cut your risk of downtime in half.
  • Vitamin D Supports Your Heart and Blood Pressure: Recent studies found that adequate levels of vitamin D appear to lower the risk of heart concerns and support healthy blood pressure levels.
  • And Vitamin D Protects Against Aches and Pains: Research shows low levels of vitamin D can result in joint pain. In one study, adults experiencing lower back pain were nearly 9 times more likely to have low levels of vitamin D.

But we’re talking about preventing falls here. And several trials have found that vitamin D supplementation helps increase muscle strength and reduce the risk of falling in both men and women.

That’s good news. The bad is you’re probably deficient in D right now. Most Americans are.

That’s why we created Patriot Vital4. Because something simple, inexpensive and so critical needs to be in the hands of as many people as possible.

To combat the dangerous deficiencies that are rampant across this country.

I didn’t set out to help prevent folks from falling down here. But if that were the ONLY reason you decided to try Patriot Vital4, it would be worth it.

Now, do me a favor. Take that trip around your house (no pun intended) and make sure there’s nothing there that makes it more likely for you to fall.

I want you around reading these letters for a good long time!

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. Like I said, even if Patriot Vital4 had only vitamin D, and it only made it less likely that you’d take a fall, it would be worth 10x what you paid for it.

But the benefits are so much greater. For your bones, you brain, your heart…

Better sleep, a sharper mind, and less muscle and joint pain or fatigue.

It’s a simple step, but an important one. Please consider learning more about it, right now.

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