Hidden Culprit Behind “Low T” … In Trans-Sexual Frogs?

For men over 50, the curse of “Low T” is no surprise.

But what’s triggering it probably is…

Dr. Sebring recently gave me the scoop. And the truth is, well… it’s pretty scary.

Get this: In a recent study, scientists raised young male frogs in water contaminated with atrazine, one of the most popular pesticides around.

And the results were shocking. Even tiny amounts of atrazine—just a few drops—wreaked havoc with the frogs’ hormones.

In fact, nearly half of the frogs’ T-levels plummeted. And their estrogen levels went through the roof.

Even more disturbing, many male frogs actually grew female sex organs!

And atrazine doesn’t just affect frogs. Studies prove it can slash YOUR testosterone levels in half, too!

The worst part? This nasty T-destroying toxin is found in 87% of U.S. drinking water. And not in tiny amounts, either.

In fact, the scientist who discovered the problem estimates you could be getting 30 times more atrazine than those gender-bending frogs—every single day!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Atrazine is just ONE of dozens of testosterone-destroying toxins in our food, water, and homes.

Blood tests show that 99.8% of Americans have nasty hormone disrupting chemicals in their body.

They’re almost impossible to avoid. And it only takes a tiny amount to wreak havoc with your hormones.

Thanks to toxins like atrazine, American men have been quietly “chemically castrated” for decades.

In fact, if you’re over 50 you likely have half the testosterone your father or grandfather did at the same age.

Worse yet, this disturbing trend is actually picking up steam—and that spells disaster for any man interested in a healthy, active sex life.

But you can get back on track. And it’s not as hard as you might think.

The secret? A natural ingredient that’s clinically shown to double your testosterone … rebuild lost muscle … and burn away stubborn belly fat.

In fact, just this one ingredient in our specialized formula can double your testosterone in under 3 weeks.

For over 300 years, traditional healers have prescribed an herb called Long Jack to men suffering from low libido and poor bedroom performance.

And for good reason. You see, this tiny plant may be the most powerful natural testosterone booster in the world.

This isn’t some synthetic hormone spike. Long Jack simply restores your natural “T” levels—without triggering nasty side effects.

When that happens, your libido returns… your stamina increases… and you start to feel younger, stronger, and more energetic. Inside the bedroom and out.

In a placebo controlled study, the men’s T levels skyrocketed their testosterone by a whopping 120%. That’s more than double!

What’s more, Long Jack produced these amazing results in just 21 days. That’s almost unheard of—especially for a natural remedy.

That’s impressive enough. But Long Jack also helped these men enjoy better sex, more often.

Over 14 human studies show Long Jack really works. But unlike conventional hormone replacement, it has no side effects.

In fact, a major study found that this amazing herb is 100% safe— even at high dosages.

And it’s only 1 of 7 specially selected ingredients in Ultimate Male.

In today’s contaminated world, it’s nearly impossible to avoid all the things that can zap your strength and energy.

Plastics, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and more… they’re wringing us out like an old mop.

But you can fight back. And a great way to start is with THIS.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. When it comes to sharing stories about how well Ultimate Male works, my customers can sometimes be a little shy.

That’s understandable, since some of the benefits are a little personal.

So I’m grateful to men like Clarence who told me “I’ve noticed an increase in my testosterone levels. I’ve also noticed increased energy, and everything is working well in ‘that’ area.”

I’ll leave the details to your imagination. But if you’d like things better in your ‘area’… I encourage you to learn more, here.

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