“A colossal fraud”


This happened a couple months ago, but you may have missed it.

It’s certainly not getting the headlines it deserves.

A group of consumers filed a class action suit against Nestle Waters North America, the distributors of Poland Spring Bottled Water.

The plaintiffs argue that Nestle has consistently misled customers by labeling Poland Spring as “100% spring water.”

Certainly makes you think it’s high quality and fresh. Like a mountain spring…

But the lawsuit alleges that “not one drop” complies with what the FDA considers spring water. It’s ground water.

The Poland Spring in Poland Spring, Maine has been dry for 50 years.

Now, Nestle isn’t going to take this lying down. They argue that they’re not doing anything wrong here.

And they’re not going to let $4.5 billion in water sales in the U.S. and Canada alone slip down the drain without a big fight.

Look, I don’t know where Poland Springs gets their water. And I really don’t care.

Because you shouldn’t have to buy bottled water at all.

Filter your water at home and quit adding bottles to the landfill and lining Nestle’s pockets…

You can easily do that, right at home, with the Patriot Pure Pitcher.

Because it’s far more affordable and just as convenient as bottled water. But this water is scrubbed of the things you can’t know for sure are in your bottled water.

And it also FILTERS out the contaminants that can really do a number on your body.

Like 99.9% of Chlorine and Lead. 
Almost 98% of Mercury. 
And over 99% of Chromium-6.

Plus, a whole list more.

Including something increasingly important in today’s day and age…

This filter pitcher targets radiological contaminants.

You’re not going to find an affordable solution like this that can do more.

And if you’ve considered a “grocery store” pitcher like Brita, you can forget about it tackling fluoride…

Because for them, it’s too hard to get out.

But Patriot Pure removes more than 90%!

Imagine, reaching into your fridge and pouring yourself a delicious, cold, clean and refreshing glass of water. Anytime you want it.

No fancy packaging. No empty promises. No waste.

Get all the details on Patriot Pure right here.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. You’re going to like this… I’m going to include FREE Patriot Power Greens with your purchase of Patriot Pure. Because I don’t want you mixing healthful Greens with water that isn’t clean.

Get your new pitcher – and FREE Greens too – right here.

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