A cat can save your life (don’t tell Ellie)

Most of you know I’m a dog lover at heart. But lately I’ve been reading up on the benefits of owning a cat.

Never been my thing. Cats tend to take one look at me and walk away.

But it turns out you cat people are really onto something…

There’s been lots of research about pets and their health benefits over the years. Some I’ve talked about here.

Owning a pet can increase our life span, decrease our risk of heart trouble, and overall make for a happier, healthier life.

But I have to admit I put most of the credit for this in the dogs’ camp. One look at my pooch, Ellie, and I know all that research is true.

If you prefer a cat instead, here are at least 10 solid reasons to bring some kitty cat love into your life (if you haven’t already) …

Cats make great emotional companions, even if you can’t walk them. An Austrian study compared the emotional benefits of a cat in the house as equal to having a partner or spouse. (I’m not so sure about this one, but okay.)

Cat owners tend to be more trustworthy and trusting of others. In short, the more quiet and mellow cat owners are just plain nice to be around.

A cat in the house actually helps reduce new babies’ risks for developing allergies. That’s right! The more kids under the age of one are exposed to cats, the less likely they are to develop allergies to pets, dust mites, ragweed, and grass.

Cats can also be lifesavers. Sensitive cats have alerted their owners to an oncoming epileptic seizure or other life threatening issues like a gas leak.

Now, if a cat is perched on your face during the night, you might disagree… But cats can help you get better sleep.

Some polls have even shown that people (especially women) prefer sleeping with their cat over their significant other. (Hmm, not sure how I feel about this one either…)

Cats are great stress reducers. Even just a few minutes a day petting your cat can significantly reduce your stress levels and put you in a calmer, more peaceful state.

Cats can help us become more emotionally aware. One study found that cats can read our facial expressions and soothe accordingly. So if you’ve got a worried or sad expression on your face, your cat might know it before you do.

Here’s one I wish I knew years ago, though I’m not sure it would have worked with Karen… Cats are good for your love life.

Most guys consider dogs to be the great conversation starters. But it may surprise you guys to learn that women generally consider cat owners to be “nicer guys” than those who don’t own a cat.

Cats can also be a great comfort during grieving periods or times of loss. There is something about a cat’s purr when it sits on your lap that people find really comforting.

And how about this? Owning a cat might make you smarter than the average bear. Studies have found that cat owners are smarter (and more likely to have a college degree) than their non-cat-owning counterparts.

So there seems to be many good reasons to have a cat in the house. And with so many available for adoption, maybe finding them good homes is a way to help them, and ourselves, at the same time.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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1 thought on “A cat can save your life (don’t tell Ellie)

  1. Wow, Jeff, this email on cats is the ‘Cat’s Meow’ (pun intended)! I have had pets all of my life, both dogs and cats. At this time I only have cats and I agree with every point your research unearthed. Yes, I do like dogs also but after losing all of my dogs to Doggie Heaven, I just haven’t gotten anymore. Tell Ellie I love her also. I wish animals could live as long as we humans. They are wonderful stress relievers and great companions. I am a gardener and my cats follow me all over the yard when I’m working except when I’m mowing (they don’t like the mower). My neighbor commented that my cats were just like dogs the way they are always with me. No. . . they are just like cats. . . cats do that too! Thanks for a great email!

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