Too good to be true… or the real deal?

Don’t you hate the feeling of lying awake at night, unable to fall asleep?

I know I do.

I’m tired. I need the rest. But sometimes I just lay there…

Tossing. Turning. Thinking about this and that and the other thing.

Checking the clock. Getting more irritated by the minute.

And then I spend the whole next day even more tired than the day before.

Has this ever happened to you?

If you’re all-too-familiar with how disruptive insomnia is to both your nights and your days, I made a discovery that can help.

It’s tart cherry juice.

Simple, right? But it really works.

In fact, in one study people who drank two eight-ounce glasses of tart cherry juice a day got an extra hour and a half of sleep a night… after just two weeks!

And blood tests showed they were sleeping sounder too.

A longer, better night’s sleep from a couple glasses of juice a day?

Sounds too good to be true.

But wouldn’t you know it, there are side effects.

Tart cherry juice lowers the inflammation caused by exercise, so you experience less soreness and recover faster.

It also improves joint function in people with arthritis.

It lowers triglyceride levels… and it reduces your risk of cancer.

Plus, it helps guard your brain against cognitive decline.

Wait… those aren’t side effects. They’re other benefits! Good ones, too.

In this case, tart cherry juice may sound too good to be true, but it’s the real deal.

So drink up! Just make sure you go organic, with no sugar added.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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