The gift you gave me

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas filled with fun and family. Karen and I sure did.

We had a houseful here and I even sang some carols.

It truly is the “most wonderful time of the year,” unless you have to listen to me sing…

With things a little slower this week, I’ve finally had a chance to catch up on a little survey I sent out to folks regarding their experiences with Digestive Freedom Plus.

You see, I like to check in on you from time to time. To make sure you’re seeing the benefits of the products we bring you.

And I have to tell you… I was blown away by the responses. If you’re one of the people who took a few minutes to share… thank you so very much.

It’s a special gift when you take time to share your stories. Not just to me and Dr. Sebring, but to other readers out there who may be wondering whether they’d find relief too…

What I found out is this: People across this country and even in Canada are solving their digestive problems, eating the foods they love and getting their lives back.

Now, it’s not 100%. It doesn’t work all the time, for everyone. But honestly, it’s darn close.

All with the help of a few drops a day of Digestive Freedom Plus.

Like Cynthia from Somerset, MA.

She was dealing with near constant heartburn and bloating before she decided to give it a try…

And now?

She’s says she’s “much better – I can eat or drink anything and not get any more heartburn.”

Or Dana from my home state of Ohio. She says she had “horrible gas and bloating all the time with no relief from other products I tried. After I tried Digestive Freedom Plus and Patriot Power Greens, I feel like a new woman!

My gas, bloating and other digestive issues are gone! I will continue to use your products forever!

I told one of my doctors what I was using and he was very happy I was feeling better and could see for himself when he examined me. This was one of the first times he didn’t have to treat my gastrointestinal issues. I love it.”

I love it too – good for you, Dana.

One of the best stories I received was from Cathy, in British Columbia. (It’s nice to know there are patriots north of the border too!).

She wrote…

“Jeff I’ve been meaning to touch base with you since I first started taking DFP but you know how life just takes over sometimes so I’m glad you asked about my experience with this amazing product. My number 1 improvement is no more belly bloat, therefore no more pain!!

When I found Patriot Health online I was in the worst shape ever and was completely desperate. I ordered the DFP and was amazed that it arrived in less than a week and even more amazed that I felt it work immediately and have been 90% belly bloat and pain free since!!

I have been suffering for so long with this horrible condition that I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for this fantastic product. Many of the foods I couldn’t eat before I can eat now with no issue at all.

I thank you and Dr. Sebring from the bottom of my heart!!”

And I thank you too, Cathy. I’ve shared your story with Dr. Sebring and he was over the moon as well.

Because we know how much of a problem digestive issues can bring to your life. Something as natural as a healthy meal becomes a chore to deal with.

It shouldn’t be like this. It doesn’t have to be like this.

And if you’re suffering and you haven’t tried Digestive Freedom Plus yet, I encourage you to learn more about it– and start the new year on the right track, like these people and so many others already have.

Now I have to get back to some post-Christmas clean-up. It’s amazing what a day of celebration from the Reagan crew can do to a house. Karen’s got a full list for me to get to…

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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