My new favorite customers

I’d like to think I like all my customers equally.

And, I do appreciate you taking the time to read my notes to you, that’s for sure.

But sometimes I get a note that makes one customer stand apart from the rest.

Because well… I have a soft spot for dog people.

And Irene really made my morning when I got this feedback…

“I like getting your newsletter… great stuff along with the products that I purchase from you.

I love the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher. Our dogs actually sit in line and wait for their turn to drink from the bowl that we have.

One of them will verbally beg for the water before he goes to bed! It’s GREAT!!!!!!

The water is awesome and I’ve even purchased more filters. We have the big one in the kitchen to use there, too.”

Now, it’s one thing to make a choice to do something healthy for yourself. And drinking clean water each day is easy to justify, when you know how good it is for you.

And you know the alternative when you drink what’s normally coming out of your tap…

But when you take the time to filter the water you serve up to your dogs, that’s making my day.

After all, pets are family to me, and I wouldn’t think of giving Ellie something I didn’t know in my heart was safe.

I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

Certainly, Irene doesn’t. And the fact that one of her dogs actually begs for the clean, fresh taste of water from the Patriot Pure… that’s something I’d like to see.

So if Irene is reading this, I hope she sends me a video that I can share.

For you, I hope you consider taking the step of protecting your family – pets included – with one of our filter options.

The Patriot Pure fits right in your fridge, and goes well beyond what other so-called filter pitchers can claim to deliver.

“The big one,” as Irene calls it, is our Alexapure Pro.

It’s more heavy duty, designed to take even the murkiest water (except ocean water, of course) and turn it into something safe for the whole family to drink.

If only the folks in Flint had an Alexapure Pro at the ready, they wouldn’t have been at the mercy of a bunch of crooks.

Many customers choose one or the other. Some use both, depending on their needs.

Which you choose is up to you. But do take the time to learn more about them.

And maybe your dogs will come running when they hear the filter filling up too!

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. For in your fridge convenience and tackling chlorine, fluoride and even radiological contaminants, there’s the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher.

And for microbiological filtration down to 99.99994% reduction, there’s the Alexapure Pro.

So you do have choices. But choosing to drink straight from the tap… that’s leaving the health of your family to chance. I don’t see that as a realistic choice at all these days.

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