How often should you “go?”

Here’s a subject some people don’t want to talk about.

But it says a lot about how healthy you are… or how healthy you’re going to be.

Not to mention, just how healthy you feel.

I’m talking about pooping.

As the children’s book says, everybody poops. And even if you’re squeamish talking about it, you should at least get comfortable reading about it.

Because it can mean the difference between keeping your body healthy and strong, or setting yourself up for feeling bloated, sluggish and just plain “stuck.”

Are you “stuck?”

Just what IS normal when it comes to pooping, anyway?

A study in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology doesn’t help much. The range that covered 98% of participants: 3 times a day to 3 times per week.

That’s a big difference, people.

Believe me, if you’re not going every day, you’re not running on all cylinders. Something isn’t right.

After all, you’re probably eating 3 times a day. So 3 times in… and only going 3 times a week? That’s not good.

A lot can impact how often you poop, including your age, activity levels and what you’re eating and drinking.

But one of the most important factors is age. As you get older, your digestion slows down. Poop doesn’t pass as quickly. And when it moves slower, it becomes more difficult to pass, too.

Not to mention, a lot of meds can really muck with the process too, and older people tend to be on them.

It’s time for a solution specifically designed for those of us over 50.

Which has the only probiotic shown to relieve stubborn constipation in 6 gold-standard clinical trials.

Which beats back bad bugs, softens rock-hard BMs and gently jump-starts your worn-out colon.

Without harsh laxatives or artificial nonsense.

And no pain, no strain and no worries… guaranteed.

I worked hand-in-hand with a noted Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Arlan Cage, to develop our Patriot Ultra-Biotics formula.

To not only pull together the best probiotics for aging bodies, the ones we need most.

But also include the best “helper” ingredients to fuel good bacteria, provide the building blocks to recondition your colon, and completely support healthy digestion and elimination.

So you may not want to talk about pooping.

But if you’re not going enough, or it’s a strain when you do…

Don’t talk about it. Do something.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. What could a “zombie ant” have to do with your colon? A lot, actually.

Because the story of the Brazilian Camponotini ant and his arch nemesis, a “mind control” fungus called Ophiocordyceps, opened up a window to solving our poop problems, once and for all.

Get the story here.

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