Go Outside – Your Health Depends On It!

Even before the pandemic began, Americans were already spending too many hours indoors.

But now that the virus has resulted in “stay-at-home” mandates from coast to coast, many of us are going days without stepping outside.

That’s a big problem for our health, for a variety of reasons.

Most people know that our bodies need sun exposure to produce vitamin D.

Low levels of this “sunshine vitamin” can alter our mood, joints, heart, bone, and so much more.

But beyond vitamin D production, there are other true perks of spending your day outside.

Research has linked days spent outdoors to improved memory and concentration, less stress, better immune function and mood, and sharper thinking and creativity.

Some studies have even found a connection between hours outdoors and better vision in children.

Clearly, our bodies favor hours spent outside.

But if you’re worried about heading out of your house right now, take heart.

There are many ways you can safely be outside while under a “stay-at-home” mandate.

You could take a walk or run in a nearby park, maintaining a safe distance from those around you.

Or, head out for a hike on a local trail.

Do you have a bike collecting dust in your garage? Take it out of retirement and hit the road for a ride.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden, you could probably spend several hours a week these days weeding and planting.

And if all else fails, simply grab a book and a chair, and read under the sun.

It isn’t natural to spend 24 hours a day inside our homes.

Our bodies, and our minds, crave the outdoors.

And with a few precautions, you can safely satisfy that need.

And if you’d like a simple, quick way to get vitamin D into your diet, go here.

Stay safe out there.

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