Sunday Thoughts (mom & pop shops)

I’m dedicating this Sunday thinking about those less fortunate.

And sadly, that includes a lot of folks. Because I consider myself blessed in a multitude of ways.

Yes, this massive disruption to our daily lives has been frightening. Confining. Confusing. And frustrating.

Me, I’m used to working from home.

While so much around me has closed, and we’re hunkered down here in Florida, there are so many who are in a far worse predicament.

There are a lot of older folks down here, and fortunately, a good chunk of the people around me are staying home.. for their own safety, and the safety of others.

The weather has been good, so I can still get out and walk or run. But once I come home, there’s no place to go next.

I’m thinking today about the local business owners, the mom & pop’s, and the restaurants I like to frequent that are hanging on by a thread.

The restaurant business is precarious to begin with. So many don’t make it.

But when you’re forced to close your doors, or only do take-out orders, and you’re wondering when we’re going to turn the corner… it’s something you couldn’t possibly prepare for.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to spend a little of my “home time” searching out sites of my favorite local haunts.

And start getting gift cards for use in the future.

If enough of us do this, it may be just enough to keep their heads above water.

And when things return to normal, Karen & I will have a great excuse to get out and visit those businesses that make our town the unique place we now call home.

I’m sure there are places in your town you feel the same way about.

Some are even savvy enough to sell knickknacks and t-shirts that promote their business. (And if I pick up a couple now, I can put off doing laundry a couple days too…

What better way to say you care than to spare a few minutes and a few bucks to help out a small business that really could use a hand?

Just a thought.

I hope you’re staying busy, safe and calm during these trying times.

But in times like this, thinking about those around you – and what they’re going through – is a way to give yourself a little sense of purpose.

I’m not an ER doctor or a nurse. I can’t dream up the vaccine that will put this crisis to bed.

But if I can do a little something for those who are struggling, for as much as they give to our community when times are good… it’s a start.

And if you are venturing out – to the grocery or the pharmacy – why not touch base with your neighbors to see if you can pick them up something they might desperately need right now?

You can wait for the hug of thanks when this all blows over.

Stay safe, friends.

P.S. If you do venture out, please express your gratitude to those whose jobs make this situation at least somewhat bearable. To the sanitation worker, or grocery clerk, or police officer… thank you for all you do.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts (mom & pop shops)

  1. OOPS! New computer and I’m not use to the keyboard yet. I started to say that my 20 year old truck driving nephew has a concern (as well as many other drivers do)….. Where can they stop to eat when they are on the road? Burger King in Chehalis, WA will not serve anyone who is out of their vehicle. I believe he said the same about a Loves truck stop back in New Jersey, no water, coffee or even restrooms available. Seems the attendees are afraid that they are going to be robbed at the drive-thrus. Can’t they just close and lock the window then duck down if that is the case? Without these drivers, there won’t be any store items at all. This applies to the people who are driving a car with a travel trailer. Anything which is too large to go through the drive-thrus. Too bad….. enough said for now. Thanks for the vent on this issue. Keep up the positive articles and the great products.

  2. Hi Jeff…. Thanks for all you do for everyone. I just talked with my nephew who has been a long-haul truck driver for over 20 years. He does the 48 states hauling product and grocery items. This is his concern….. I guess this 1st part of my comment didn’t go through, so here it is so you can put the two together……LOL

  3. I think that you have come up with a great idea. I will certainly go online to some of my favorite restaurant’s websites and purchase gift cards. We as Americans cannot afford for these small businesses to go under. I will do my part to help. As a retired veteran and a retired North Carolina State employee, I can afford to do this. Thank you for a wonderful idea. “Army Strong”.

  4. Thank you for the ideas. My town is mostly made up of small town businesses. Winery, restaurants, and more. I would also like to thank the hospital staff and pharmacies that are under great stress. People…be kind and appreciate the people that are out there trying to help. Tell then each time. It really goes a long way.

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