Sunday Thoughts (“we’ll see”)

I’m a thinker.

I like to take the time to figure things out. Go over details.

Do some planning.

And try not to leave things to chance when I don’t have to.

But there’s a line you can cross sometimes, from thinking to overthinking.

Getting stuck in a loop of going over things in your head, without doing anything. Or stewing over something where there’s nothing you actually can do.

Or imagining worst case scenarios that may never even happen in the first place.

If you’re a “thinker” too, it’s good to remember a few things that can keep you from falling into the “overthinker” trap.

Like closing the door on decisions. If you’ve made up your mind, why waste time revisiting what’s done, over and over?

You can commit to reopen the door if new information comes knocking, but until then… you made your call. Go with it and move on.

And remember that overthinking and problem solving… not the same.

Going over scenarios and possibilities can dress itself up as something useful and good. It’s not. Don’t pretend you’re solving an issue if what you’re doing is spinning in a circle.

Or this: assume that the intention is good. Overthinkers often just read way too much into stuff.

If you assume there’s bad underneath the surface, it’s often wasted energy. What if you switch it up?

What if you figure that most people are good, most are well-intended? Or at least neutral?

I often ask people who are stewing about someone who did them wrong, “Do you think this person is thinking about you right now?”

Most of the time they have to admit… no. So why are you wasting your thinking space on them?

And this is my favorite. Overthinkers are filled with the “what ifs.” Sure, it’s good to be prepared for the worst. That can help you avoid some bad stuff.

But in a lot of ways, you can replace the “what ifs” with “we’ll see.” What comes your way, you’ll deal with it. But if it doesn’t happen, think of how much energy you saved not worrying about it!

So remember… It’s good to sit with your thoughts, and go over them. But if you find yourself in a loop, worrying about things that are beyond your control…

It’s time to embrace uncertainty. Enjoy a few more “we’ll sees.”

It’ll help you enjoy your days a whole lot more. Here’s hoping today’s one of those days for you.

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