Cosmic apples?

My feelings on genetically modified foods are no secret… I avoid them when I can.

While GMOs may make it easier and cheaper to grow food, the jury is still out on what some may do to our bodies.

Sometimes they can’t be avoided. And not all GMOs are bad, necessarily. But in many cases, it’s mucking with nature in the name of convenience.

Take the genetically-modified “Arctic Apple” for example. It started to hit shelves a few years ago with the promise of a longer shelf life… and to not turn brown once cut.

Look, I’d love an apple that didn’t brown quickly.

I just eat my apples in one sitting. But if you’re wishing for a heartier apple, your wish has just been answered.

It’s called the Cosmic Crisp and it’s headed to store shelves soon… if it hasn’t made its debut in your town already.

The Cosmic Crisp was developed by a team out at Washington State University and it took them more than 20 years to get it just right.

Like the Arctic Apple, the Cosmic Crisp is said to stay fresh in the fridge for up to a year.

Unlike the Arctic Apple, the Cosmic Crisp was developed using crossbreeding… essentially cross-pollinating the sweet Honeycrisp with the longer-lasting Enterprise apple varieties.

The outcome?

A sweet, crisp apple that tastes great raw, or cooks well for baking.

Some might believe that crossbreeding (a form of hybridization) and genetic modification are the same.

Not so.

Hybrid foods are created using traditional pollination that could have occurred naturally, but developed in a controlled environment.

No splicing takes place.

And that’s different.

Food waste is a big problem in this country.

I saw a recent report stating Americans waste $240 billion of food annually.

That’s a lot of food and funds down the toilet.

But depending on “high tech” answers to the food waste problem is a bit misguided.

Instead, we need to change up the way we shop.

Shop more. Buy less.

Hit the grocery store several times a week, but only get food to last a few days at a time.

Go for frozen produce when the fresh varieties are past their prime, or not available at all.

And, if more hybrid foods like the Cosmic Crisp come around that will stay fresh longer, even better.

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1 thought on “Cosmic apples?

  1. Cosmic Crisp apples are delicious and, in my opinion, well worth the higher per pound price. I left one apple on my countertop for a month. When I decided to eat it, I was surprised that there was no discoloration or soft spots of any kind. I sliced it in quarters. The apple was firm and crisp and the sweetness was comparable to a Honeycrisp. If I didn’t know otherwise, I would have thought the apple was just picked from the tree! Highly recommend!!

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