Don’t Wait For Valentine’s Day to Show You Care

I’m going to get in trouble for writing about this, because Karen never wants the spotlight.

And I’m not one who puts a ton of stock in Valentine’s Day, because it feels a bit like a “Hallmark Holiday” that puts a lot of pressure on folks, and is far too commercial.

But the good thing about having a day like this, where everyone tries so hard, is it reminds me about how Karen and I don’t have to.

Things just clicked and they’ve stayed clicked for many years.

I take the time to appreciate her not just on Valentine’s Day, but all the time.

Not by showering her with presents (though I do like to get her little things).

But by sharing the load and showering her with appreciation for all she brings to my life.

For understanding everything she’s meant to our family and for being thankful that she chose to live her life with me.

And not taking that for granted.

Because it was a choice.

She chose me, and I am grateful.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It hasn’t all been sunshine and fairy tales.

We’ve had our share of heartbreak, and struggle, and frustration.

But it always comes back to the fact that we respect each other, listen to each other, and truly like each other.

That makes us a great team in the end.

So yes, share the love this Valentine’s Day, and have a special dinner or something… if you want.

But don’t leave that feeling behind, only to return a year from now.

Any day is a great day to take stock of the joy a true partner can bring to your life.

You don’t want to wait until they’re gone before realizing that.

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