Your pizza could make you drunk?

Now that the holidays and winter family vacation are behind me, I’ve started going through my backlog of articles I had set aside in my office.

One story I recently read was so fascinating… so unbelievable… that I ran out to share it with Karen.

It seems there was this 46-year-old guy that got pulled over for suspicion of drunken driving.

His blood alcohol level was 0.2… more than twice the legal limit for driving… and he was arrested for driving under the influence.

There was just one problem… the man insisted he hadn’t consumed any alcohol.

The police were obviously skeptical.

Doctors didn’t believe him.

In fact, he saw doctor after doctor for help, and they all just thought he was lying.

But he didn’t back down.

He knew he hadn’t had an ounce of alcohol.

Something else was going on.

Finally, he found himself at New York’s Richmond University Medical Center.

And that’s where it was discovered that this man really hadn’t been drinking at all.

Instead, fungi in his digestive system were converting carbs into alcohol.

Simply put, his body was converting any pizza or pasta or bread the man ate into alcohol… and causing him to experience symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption.

It’s a rare condition known as auto-brewery syndrome.

With this condition, fermenting fungi or bacteria in the gut produce ethanol alcohol, which can result in the person showing signs of being intoxicated.

According to a recent report, auto-brewery syndrome is most commonly found in patients with liver dysfunction, diabetes, and chronic obstructions, but can affect healthy individuals, as well.

Doctors believe a course of antibiotics the man had taken in 2011 for a thumb injury were likely the cause of the him developing the condition.

The thought is, the antibiotics altered his digestive tract so much that it led to auto-brewery syndrome.

Now, this guy was able to get help with a course of antifungal therapy and probiotics.

A year later, he was able to resume eating a normal diet.

But this case goes to show how delicate and vulnerable our digestive systems are.

We’ve known for a while that antibiotics can really mess with the digestive system, which is why I always recommend anyone taking a course of antibiotics also supplement with probiotics.

Because antibiotics don’t discriminate.

They knock out the bad bugs… and the good ones… so you need probiotics to help replenish the beneficial bacteria that’s been killed off.

So, if you’re ever prescribed antibiotics, be sure to take probiotics right along with them.

Because the last thing you want is a DUI from eating pizza.

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1 thought on “Your pizza could make you drunk?

  1. That story is incredibly amazing, but it caused me to think of something that I think you will find crazy. Up here in Iowa, and other surrounding areas, is a chain of convenience stores called Casey’s General Store. It just so happens that their main food item they make in their kitchens is pizza. I know, nothing surprising about that, but what is surprising is that the yeast they use will cause a person to fail a drug test. There was a man who took a bite out of a donut they make, which uses the same yeast as the pizza dough, and when he got into his truck his breathalyzer would not allow his truck to start. There are many other stories about what their dough has done. It is even nicknamed ‘Crack Pizza’, and they are aware that is does this.

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