Apps that boost creativity

I’m typically not one to toot my own horn, but I do consider myself a creative person.

I like to write, travel and explore new cultures.

And, I sure do love to cook.

But from time to time, I get stuck in a rut.

Maybe writer’s block sets in, or I just can’t come up with any new ideas for dinner.

That’s why an article I recently came across when I was doing some online research grabbed my attention.

Folks are using certain apps on their phone to boost their creativity.

Now, not all of the apps mentioned in this article were free…

But there were a few listed that I tested out.

These were some of my favorites…


This app uses creative prompts to help you change up your routine, or help solve a problem you’ve been struggling with.

You get questions and commands like ,”What’s the one thing you’ve always regretted not doing?” or, “What’s the blessing in disguise?”

The object is to think of a problem in a new way, or find the good in a bad situation to help you resolve an issue or situation.


This part game, part art app has the user create lines on the screen to collect a set of colored dots while avoiding black holes that are scattered on the page.

I really had fun with this one, as it got me thinking of different ways to tackle the problem in front of me, and challenged me to think outside the box…


With Behance you can browse and explore millions of projects in fashion, typography, architecture, photography, digital art, and more.

It’s really handy if you need some inspiration for a creative project you’re working on, or want to see some really cool photos of places you’ve never been.

Tayasui Sketches.

Some people use doodling as a way to stimulate the mind.

But there are times when you’re stuck someplace with your phone, but no pen or paper.

That’s when this app comes in helpful.

You can draw anything from simple sketches to elaborate drawings using your finger and phone.

Now, as much as I had fun with these apps, I want to be clear.

I don’t want you spending hours on your phone playing around with these.

But if you feel like you’re in a rut, or need an imagination boost, spending 20 or so minutes on some of these can be a really fun way to get your creative juices flowing. And to make sure your phone never runs out of its “juice” you should always have one of these with you.

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