Prepare! Don’t Let a Winter Storm Take You by Surprise

For many folks in the U.S., winter came early this year, in the form of a bomb cyclone.

The monster storm “Ezekiel” brought snow, wind and ice Thanksgiving week, uprooting trees and downing powerlines coast to coast.

Parts of the Northeast picked up 20 inches of snow and the High Plains experienced blizzard-like conditions.

Tens of thousands were without power, some for days.

If Ezekiel is any indication on how this winter will go, it’s going to be a doozy.

And you need to be prepared for the worst.

To get yourself ready for the destruction winter can bring, it’s important to focus on 3 essentials: communication, light, and food.

This is the foundation of my own emergency kit that I put together when I first moved to Florida… to make sure I was prepared to handle what could come my way.

These survival must-haves should be in any emergency kit… whether you’re preparing for winter’s worst, or any natural disaster. (We get our fair share of emergencies in Florida, but bomb cyclones aren’t one of them.)

1. Patriot Power Cell… a pocket-sized “power plant”

You already know that communication is critical to survival, and portable, backup power for your phone is downright essential in an emergency.

Patriot Power Cell is a small, water-resistant, portable charger with a high-capacity battery that harnesses the power of the sun to continuously recharge itself… helping to keep an open line of communication between you, your loved ones, and emergency personnel when disaster strikes.

Take a look at our tiny solar generator here

2.HaloXT… not your ordinary flashlight

Darkness can be scary, and cause panic. But you’ll always have light when the world around you goes dark with this handy survival tool.

Not only does it come with an ultra-bright LED light, it also offers other lifesaving functions including SOS light and strobe, compass, seatbelt cutter, and even a glass-breaking hammer. All in a 1 lb., water-resistant package.

Learn more about our HaloXT Flashlight go here

3. 4Patriots Survival Food Kit… vital nutrition when you need it most

Having at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food on hand is absolutely essential to survival.

Even FEMA and the Red Cross recommend Americans have at least 72 hours of non-perishable food on hand for an impending emergency.

The 4Patriots Survival Food Kit is made from the finest ingredients available, grown, and packaged right here in the USA. Ensured to stay fresh and shelf-stable for up-to-25-years, this food is absolutely delicious and provides essential nutrients you need in the event of an emergency.

And right now, my buddy Frank is providing an incredible deal that gives you exactly that… for FREE. All he asks is that you cover shipping.

Get your FREE 4Patriots Survival Food here

Blizzards, bomb cyclones, wind storms, there’s always something you need to be prepared for… especially this time of year.

Be self-reliant in a crisis with your own winter emergency kit.

One that keeps you nourished, connected, and safe.

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